Music is one of the most ancient and beautiful forms of expression and art. We have many different music genres, and everyone can find something they enjoy listening to. But as technology advances, there are different ways to enjoy music better. Up on that list are headphones that offer a more personalized music experience. It is not uncommon to see someone listening to music with headphones on in almost every location or place you can think of. However, monitor headphones offer a different dimension when listening to music that regular headphones cannot. 

What Are Monitor Headphones?

Monitor headphones are often made for professionals in the music industry. This includes music engineers, DJs, producers, and other people in the field. The main difference between regular headphones and studio monitors is that monitor headphones are made for accuracy, attention to detail and neutrality. As a result, the sound does not have a base and is a flat frequency. You may be wondering why anyone would want to listen to music without the base or high-frequency sounds we are accustomed to today. 

Since monitor headphones, also known as studio headphones, are made for professionals dealing with audio monitoring, music recordings and mixes, these experts need to listen to the music first without all the pizzazz the final product comes with. This way, they can better internalize the rhythm and song before modifying it to what we hear after the song is released. 

Monitor headphones work on the principle of psychoacoustics, which is a science that deals with the sensation of sound, how it is perceived and how it is used to communicate. In a nutshell, monitor headphones help the music producers and other people involved in the space to unlock their creativity and find the best way and sound to present the music to the masses. 

Advantages Of Using Headphones

As we have mentioned, music and headphones are almost synonymous with each other. So much so that many speaker companies and even phone manufacturers have created their brands. The first and perhaps the most obvious advantage of using regular headphones is that you will hear the music in its final version with all the acoustics that come with it. You can hear the base, clicks and pops, clearly amplifying the music experience. 

They are also relatively cheaper than monitor headphones since they are designed to be used by the regular music listener and not a professional. Furthermore, with the market filled with different headphone brands and people with diverse preferences, you can quickly find regular headphones that fit your music needs and your sense of style and fashion. However, regular headphones may not give you the full music experience you may be looking for.

Why Studio Monitors Stand Out

Music and sound can differ depending on the speakers or headphones you have. And social media has quickly proved this point. You can quickly see different versions of the same song modified by amateur and professional DJs and sound engineers on your feed. Even though the flow may differ, you can often enjoy the song and the artist’s rendition. Many times these music enthusiasts use studio monitors, and for good reasons. 

Do not have sound cancellation software: Many regular headphones use sound canceling software to enhance the music experience. However, using such softwares can dilute the sounds or distort them. With monitor headphones, no software is used. Instead, the caps are wide and big enough to cover your ears, completely canceling the noise. 

Flat frequency response: Studio headphones remove all the bass and high frequencies in the song. As a result, you hear the music in its natural state. As we have mentioned, sound engineers need to listen to the song in flat frequency to notice any minute issues and enhance the song further. Even if you are not an expert in the music industry, the flat frequency offers you an opportunity to hear the rawness and authenticity of the artist. 

Wide frequency: The human ear can hear frequencies between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz. With studio headphones, you have the ability to hear this full range of sound, which is not often possible with regular headphones. 

Comfortable design: since monitor headphones were created for professionals, they need to be comfortable enough to sit on your head for long hours. As a result, studio headphones have additional ear padding for additional comfort. This allows you to use the headphones without discomfort continually. 

Have you ever listened to an old song with new headphones? The odds are that you found the experience different and exciting. Thinking to yourself, “I didn’t know this song sounded like that?” That is exactly what happens when you use monitor headphones. They offer a different experience and a unique way to enjoy your music. The bottom line is things have changed, and studio headphones are no longer just for the professionals but for everyone who enjoys the art of music.

By Manali

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