Are you planning your next vacation and about to book a flight? Now, while you are all excited to plan a trip – alone or with your loved ones – to new places, you must also have something in your mind regarding accommodation.

But, the question is how you decide whether it is down to hotel vs. Airbnb or Airbnb vs. prefab cabin. Understandably, you might have heard horror stories about Airbnb and dirty hotels; however, sometimes, you just have to know your options and see what will work best for you.

The kind of place you choose for your vacation depends on the kind of vacation you are having. Perhaps, your vacation includes loads of stops in different countries; it can also be a business trip or your honeymoon.

Here are the different options for finding the perfect place to stay:


Airbnb – Go Local!

The thing about hotels is that these are ideally located in the center of a city/ town. They also have to provide different services, such as cultural attractions, nightlife, restaurants, and transportation. But for the ultimate local experience, you might want to opt for an Airbnb.

While Airbnb will allow you more budget options, including renting out a tent in someone’s backyard, this can be pretty cool if you want to mix with the locals and blend in with the local residents. For instance, if you are a travel vlogger/ blogger and want to share your traveling and living experience with your audience, you ought to stay at an Airbnb.

You will have your own living space that will be less tourist-like than you would have been if you had stayed at a hotel. You will also be shopping at the supermarket for your groceries with the locals. Besides, living in an Airbnb is particularly comfortable if you plan to travel with a larger group, especially children.

But, if it is a travel group that you have organized with a group of strangers, you might be better off staying at a hotel.

Most people go on a vacation because they want a break from home and their daily-to-day life. Airbnb might require you to do some kind of chores as you won’t be getting room service as in hotels.

For instance, you will be making your bed at least, and you might be required to spend more money on eating out. Also, if you are on a budget, you are better off at an Airbnb, and you will love the local experience.


Hotels – Sign Up for Luxury

If you are going on a vacation for the short term, you should definitely sign up for a hotel. Hotels are conveniently located, and you don’t have to put in the effort of researching amenities, transportation, malls, and neighborhoods.

The thing about hotels is that the more money you invest, the more luxurious the hotels get. In other words, nicer hotels tend to cost more than an average Airbnb. Another amazing thing about hotels is that sometimes you will find sales linked with a brand – something that you won’t have with Airbnb.

If you opt to stay at a hotel, you will save time and energy as the on-site restaurants will save you loads of guesswork for your meals. Besides, you will also have one of the most-indulgent guest experiences with on-site spas and swimming pools.

Typically, most hotels also offer complimentary transportation and shuttle services to the nearest attractions. Also, as you opt for a guestroom, you will have access to all sorts of luxuries and world-class room services.

Another great option different from hotels is resorts. Resorts are exclusively designed to give you a lifetime vacation experience that you will long to return for. It can be a resort of any kind, such as a ski resort, a beach resort, or a forest resort.

Resorts are specifically popular with newlyweds who want to have the time of their lives while they are out on their romantic getaway, aka honeymoon. Resorts have a variety of activities – for instance, you can find a spa area at a beach resort and also a place where you can go fishing.


Prefab Vacation Homes – A Different Experience

One of the most important elements of the American housing market is prefab vacation homes. These homes are especially useful when you plan to live at a place for at least a few months but don’t want to sign up for a rental apartment.

You can have a prefab cabin built in less than ten days and even for less than $100,000. Besides, you can have these portable homes constructed for 50% less than a site-built home. This aspect has made long-term and short-term quality housing much more affordable.

Besides cost savings, the prefab vacation homes are constructed in controlled and centralized environments, making them extraordinarily popular. These homes are engineered with wind safety and energy efficiency in mind.

If you care about the environment, you won’t feel guilty while living in a prefab house as you won’t be generating waste materials. To assemble a prefab house, no on-site labor is involved as well. As compared to Airbnb, you will have your own space to live in, and you won’t be sharing the kitchen or bathrooms with strangers.

Compared to a rental apartment, the prefab house can help you save loads of money as these homes are built with energy efficiency in mind, which is why these homes are airtight. When it comes to living in a prefab vacation house during the holiday season, you might view it as a different experience – something that is entirely different than the conventional hotel rooms and Airbnb.

In terms of occupancy, there is no such great difference; however, in terms of experience, you will certainly love staying at a prefab cabin. Since the prefab vacation homes are new in the markets, you will love to share your experience with your friends and family.

You might like it so much that you might decide to get one for your backyard and use it as your home office.


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