Shonen Manga books are the most well-known genre of Japanese comics. It is a style of a graphic novel aimed at a younger demographic. Shōnen manga focuses on character development and plot, rather than the more artistic side of manga. It’s for this reason that shōnen manga is often considered to be “cute” and “childish” by more artistic manga fans.  While shōnen manga began as lighthearted comic strips aimed at children, it’s evolved over the years into a more mature genre of manga.  Shōnen manga tends to have a bit more action and less drama than other types of manga and focuses more on plot and character development. Shōnen manga is also less likely to depict graphic violence, sex, and other adult themes than other types of manga. Every year, many new shōnen mangas come out in Japanese bookstores, video stores, the internet, and newsstands. However, not all of them are worth recommending to readers who like manga with more artistic themes. In this article, we’ll discuss what makes a good shōnen manga, and the “mad place” of shōnen mangago.

What Makes a Good Shonen Manga?

There are many factors that go into making a good shōnen manga, but of course, the biggest and most important factor is the story itself. The story should be interesting and captivating, and the characters should be relatable and fun to follow.  Along with the story, there are a few other important factors that make a good shōnen manganelo. First, the art style should be simple and easy to understand, but also have enough detail to keep readers interested. There also needs to be a balance between serious and light scenes, so that readers don’t get bored.

The Mad Place of Shonen Manga

There is also this side of shonen comic books that most adult boys are fond of which is also known as the mad place of shōnen manga.  The mad place of shōnen manga often is focused more on action and humor than character development and plot. These types of shōnen manga are especially popular with boys in middle school and high school. They’re very different from the “seriousness” of seinen manga, although it does face real-life inspired scenarios it has a heavy amount of combat. 

Helpful Characteristics of a Good Shonen Manga

  • Character Development First. The characters in a good shōnen manga are the most important aspect of the story. The protagonist and antagonist are often the most interesting and “real” characters in the story, as they must overcome many obstacles to reach the end. Great shōnen manga focuses on developing these main characters and showing how they grow and change over the course of the story. The morals you can get through these characters could be a huge help to you in the future. It can show you how certain problems should be handled and faced. 
  •  Japanese Culture and Tradition. Japanese graphic novels are heavily influenced by Japan’s culture, tradition, and language. By reading manga we learn to be aware and conscious of Japanese tradition and culture which can hugely help in socializing with individuals from Japan.
  • Plot Overlap. Great shōnen manga also have a lot of plot overlap. This means that there’s a major event in the story that occurs at the same time as a significant event in the story of another main character. For example, if the main character is a boy, the event that occurs at the same time as another main character’s event may be the boy’s first day of middle school. This plot overlap is important to show how the characters are connected and can be helped by having a good shōnen manga.
  • Storyline. The storyline is one of the most important parts of a manga book. It is the center of the story. A great manga has impressive storylines. Having a good storyline that talks about a societal issue or mental health can help the readers be aware of these occurrences that are often considered taboo subjects in society. Storylines of the shonen manga have less romance but more action, adventure, fantasy, history, and such.
  • Full arcs of Anime series. Famous anime series are based on manga books. It is best to read manga even after watching anime because it has complete parts of the story which is not present in anime. It can help enthusiasts have a grasp of unexplained occurrences in anime.

Where to Find Good Shōnen Manga

Good shōnen manga  yaoi can be hard to find, as they are aimed at a younger audience. You’ll usually find good shōnen manga in bookstores, newsstands, and video stores that cater to younger audiences. These stores are likely to stock manga aimed at younger readers, so it’s worth visiting them often.  Good shōnen manga is often under-appreciated by readers who like more artistic types of manga. However, good shōnen manga is often much easier to read than other types of manga. They’re also less likely to be complex and thought-provoking than other types of manga, and more likely to be fun and entertaining. You can find good shonen manga on online manga sites such as Mangaowl. Some manga sites require users to subscribe while some like Mangaowl give their service for free. Mangaowl has been on the go manga site for me. It’s free and requires no signup, I’m assured that my identity or device wouldn’t be at risk. Try out Mangaowl and see if it fits your interest!

Final Words

Shōnen manga is a fun, light form of manga that’s aimed at a younger demographic. It’s unique because it focuses more on plot and character development than artistic themes, while also keeping things simple and easy to follow.  Shōnen manga is also very popular, so it’s easy to find new manga to read. To find good shōnen manga, try looking for the types of manga that are popular with boys in middle school and high school, and popular among readers of manga who like mad manga. dive deep into the mad place of manga through Mangaowl.

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