What is SYPWAI?

Over the last few years, much of the scientific media space has been taken up by the field of artificial intelligence. It is believed to be the future. It is already helping to solve a large number of problems. And they are not only related to volumetric computing, but they are even being integrated into the business. An example of this is the SYPWAI platform. It is one of the easiest to use for implementing neural networks. Its principle is that volunteer users take a special test against payment to train a neural network in a new area of knowledge. And it in turn helps to optimize business processes and organize complex hierarchical systems. Many machine learning experts have worked on the project. Its main goal is to enable everyone to train neural networks. That said, the project is built on a user-driven start. That is, people who do small tasks for money can not only earn money but also participate in the development of a global framework. The firm provides the services of an already trained scheme or baseline environment for several tasks. And the customer can either give the technical task of training the artificial intelligence or do it themselves.

Areas of application for artificial intelligence

At this stage, AI can already perform many functions. But so far, its results are not enough to fully integrate it into all business projects. It is applied in the following spheres:

  • Art. While there is still debate about the relevance of neural networks in creativity, it has already begun to produce good results. The software can now produce a poem in the style of a famous classic or come up with a work of art from scratch. They are often still too abstract, but the structure remains the same. They write cars and pictures, and songs.
  • The service sector. This is the fastest growing area of application of AI. Voice assistants are being incorporated into the most popular applications and services. Take Siri or Alice. They can be used everywhere, from simple navigators to smart home systems. Voice-activated assistants in banks and many delivery services also provide an automated service.
  • The IT sphere. Machine learning is a fast-growing area that is attracting a lot of experienced developers. Artificial Intelligence can be used to create large programming code patterns or to check the finished code for errors. Besides, this industry has a great potential for development. It provides a lot of jobs.
  • Data processing. Large databases can be built using neural networks. Networks also work with individual objects. For example, they can be used to process a photo or video. And so that a black and white photo becomes color, or a blurry video becomes clear and detailed. Such work is not easy for a person to do on his own.
  • Security system. Artificial intelligence will help provide more security by identifying faces, and fingerprints. This should reduce crime and increase privacy.
  • Domestic sphere. Artificial intelligence is already making life a lot easier for ordinary people. The smart home ecosystem makes routine tasks easier. So far, it has had an impact on some appliances: lamps, speakers, TVs, and toasters. But there is no complete control over every appliance yet. In addition, the system is not perfect and often fails.
  • In addition to these areas, there are many other industries where such technology would be extremely useful.

AI companies

Companies that are involved in artificial intelligence and development already provide their services to private organizations. They sell off-the-shelf training environments or train one on demand. For the customer’s requirements to be met as accurately as possible, the following information must be conveyed in the ToR:

  • The goal is to be achieved by executing the algorithm.
  • What problems and tasks the neural network should solve?
  • The specific parameters of the firm, the amount of information in the databases.
  • Research articles and studies, additional literature on a given topic.
  • A sampling of user feedback on the performance of this or that element of the firm.

With this information, artificial intelligence can fully compose a picture of what is going on. SYPWAI offers its clients the solution to their business problems, optimization of production processes, processing of calculations, and analysis of statistical data. All of these services can be useful in marketing. The main thing is to formulate the terms of reference.

Make money on artificial intelligence

SYPWAI offers its clients to earn money by developing a neural network. Users are allowed to go through simple, child-like tasks, for each of which they will be rewarded. This is not a bad way to make money for incapacitated people or schoolchildren and students. The average income can be $400-500 per month. They are not paid in fiat money, but in special tokens, which are very easy to exchange into real notes. This idea has already attracted a lot of users, who can get a part-time job from home. In addition, they are not only working but also taking part in the development of the field of machine learning. The specifics of the cryptocurrency generated by the tasks is that it is a liquid coin that can change in value. The more participants the service has, the more value it has. Therefore, the highest profits will be received by those users who started doing it before the others. And the number of games and tasks is constantly increasing. The authors of the project are releasing major updates every month. Most often SYPWAI is used when they want to modernize already existing gadgets and applications. It is much easier to implement AI into an already existing sphere than to create it from scratch.

Registration for the project

The official website provides detailed information in English. There, the mechanisms of artificial intelligence are described. In addition to text information, there is an interactive video. To get started with the service, you need to take a special test task. There are simple questions that include logic structures and testing the knowledge of the principles of algorithms. After you successfully pass, you will be able to cooperate with the company and earn money by solving children’s puzzles. It is advisable to complete them correctly, as erroneous answers will lower the user’s rating and thus his/her profit. The rating system generates trust classes. The higher the class the performer has, the more valuable tasks they will receive.

All of the information collected by the users is encrypted using an XOR scheme. This data is then transferred between servers and additionally encrypted with the creation of a key. This method protects the data from fraudsters and hackers. According to the creators, they intend to further develop their creation until AI penetrates all areas of human activity.

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