A SAFe certification makes it easier for you to pursue a career in the field. 78% of professionals with a SAFe certification have stated that their skills have become more demanding. A SAFe agilist certification helps you learn several Lean-Agile practices and principles. Let’s get into details.  

Eligibility criteria

A SAFe agilist certification is perfect for the following professionals:

  • Executives
  • Senior managers
  • Process, solution, and enterprise architects
  • Project and program managers
  • VPs
  • Directors
  • Quality analysts
  • Portfolio managers
  • Product managers

The certification will benefit anyone at an organization adopting the Lean-agile framework. A high school diploma or an undergraduate degree is mandatory to pursue the certification. Anyone with a minimum of five years of experience in software development or testing will find it easier to understand the concepts in a SAFe agilist training course

A project management and business analysis background will also help you easily grasp a SAFe agilist training course. Anyone taking this course should have a basic understanding of Agile scrum. Moreover, some knowledge about Lean and DevOps will also be valuable. 

Skills and topics covered

A SAFe agilist certification course will brush on the following skills and topics:

  • Becoming a Lean-Agile leader
  • Executing Lean portfolio management
  • Applying SAFe
  • Executing agile release trains
  • Unlocking intrinsic motivation
  • Supporting LeanAgile

A SAFe agilist certification will help you become an important stakeholder in the success of your organization. You will learn how to deliver value via Agile Release Trains. But the course will also teach you how to lead a Lean-Agile transformation. 

Why should you pursue a SAFe Agilist certification?

You can extract the following benefits from a SAFe agilist certification course:

  • Global recognition

You should know that a SAFe agilist certification helps you gain global recognition. The certification will help you develop the necessary credentials to pursue your dream career. You can gain relevant skills and knowledge to fulfill all responsibilities easily. Moreover, you will be offered a 25% hike in your salary after enrolling in the course. 

  • Acquire knowledge about new roles in an Agile Environment

When an organization needs to apply SAFe, it must be able to create new roles and responsibilities for the existing employee base in the company. Several challenges will arise in the workplace without proper knowledge about the new roles and responsibilities. SAFe agilist training will help you develop an agile mindset. You will be following agile principles to aid both new and existing members. 

  • Fewer failures and obstacles

Every organization has multiple departments and teams that use Agile. Obstacles and failures often arise when the teams are combined. The challenges must be resolved immediately to ensure smooth collaboration. SAFe certification ensures that a uniform agile approach can be implemented throughout the organization. Therefore, implementing SAFe will no longer be an issue within teams.

  • Easy execution of the Lean-Agile approach

The fundamental base for SAFe is Agile development and more. SAFe serves as the base for the Lean-Agile approach. The Lean-Agile approach ensures the Agile processes and beliefs are implemented. A SAFe agilist training course will make it easy to execute the Lean-Agile approach.  

What responsibilities will a SAFe certification help you fulfill?

After obtaining a SAFe agilist certification, you will be able to fulfill several responsibilities with ease. The top responsibilities that will become easier after enrolling in a SAFe agilist training course are as follows:

  • Offering guidance

A SAFe agilist certification will make it easier to offer guidance related to adopting Lean-Agile and continuous developments. As a SAFe agilist, you must be able to drive success within teams and departments.

  • Responding to innovation needs

SAFe agilists need to define the goals and perceptions of a company is essential to communicate strategic agreements successfully. A SAFe agilist certification helps with successfully responding to internal teams’ and stakeholders’ need for innovation.

  • Motivating employees

SAFe agilists must help employees establish their expertise by motivating them. A SAFe agilist certification will help you motivate employees in a way that can boost the capacity of employees. As a result, employees in an agile environment can smoothly fulfill their obligations to the organization. 

Job roles you can pursue with a SAFe Agilist Certification

A SAFe agilist training course will help you apply the Lean-Agile mindset to a management or leadership role. You can pursue the following job roles with a SAFe agilist certification:

  • SAFe Scrum Master

A SAFe agilist course can help you become a Scrum Master. You can also pursue the role of an advanced scrum master with certification. The certification will help with coaching Agile teams within a SAFe organization.

  • SAFe Product Owner

A SAFe agilist certification course will help you become a product owner and offer guidance in making expert decisions. 

  • SAFe Product Manager

The certification is perfect for anyone who wishes to become a product manager. It will help with the management of stakeholders and customer demand. 

  • Release Train Engineer

An RTE can help keep the Agile train within an organization on track. Their major duties will involve customer and stakeholder demand. 

  • SAFe Program Consultant

A SAFe agilist certification is essential for becoming a SAFe Program Consultant. The role of an SPC involves assigning SAFe roles to team members. 

Final thoughts

A SAFe agilist certification will add weightage to your resume. It will elevate your career and help you earn a high remuneration. Therefore, the certification has become high in demand throughout the organization. 

SAFe certification validates your knowledge in the field. More or less, everyone claims to be an agile expert. But the certification often becomes the deciding factor and offers you a competitive edge over other candidates. 

Choose a reputable institution today to get a certification in SAFe. You can even pursue the course online in a self-paced learning mode.

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