You might have already heard about Salehe Bembury’s collaboration with Crocs. The designer has worked with designers from Versace, Kanye West, and New Balance. Her collaboration with Crocs exemplifies the effortless appeal of her designs. You may be wondering what you can expect from these reps shoes. We will talk about the colors, price, and resale value. We will also discuss how you can get the best deal.

Salehe Bembury’s collaboration with Crocs

The latest Salehe Bembury Crocs collab is the Pollex Clog. The textured fingerprint design makes this clog a true must-have. Launched in December 2021, this collaboration has gained momentum online. Currently, the clog is available in black, white, and purple. The pair will also release an alternate colourway. Both styles are expected to retail for $85 each.

The collaboration between Salehe Bembury and Crocs began earlier this year, but Bembury has already begun teasing the upcoming collaboration on his Instagram account. He has previously worked with New Balance and released designs in collaboration with them. He is currently working on a collection with ANTA, which he hopes will be available in December. The collaboration will likely feature a tan colorway as well as green.


The upcoming salehe bembury crocs Pollex restock will feature six new colorways and six restocked ones. In addition to the six new colorways, the restocked versions will include a few of the earlier models. This way, customers will be able to mix and match their new pair of Crocs Pollex clogs with their existing ones.

After teasing his upcoming collaboration with New Balance earlier this year, salehe bembury crocs is revealing more details about the sneaker. The designer has confirmed that he’ll release a “white with black details” style. In addition, a “tan Menemsha” colorway and a “green cucumber” style are also slated to drop soon. While the collaboration with New Balance is still a ways off, we can expect to see more colorways of the reps shoes in the coming months.


When looking to buy a new pair of reps shoes, you might consider a pair from the famous designer Salehe Bembury. This French designer has collaborated with numerous brands, including Versace, New Balance, and Kanye West. Known for his effortless appeal, his Crocs Pollex Clogs are the perfect footwear for the summer. But what is the Price of Salehe Bembury Crocs?

The redesigned Pollex cravate clog from salehe bembury crocs is a great example of this collaboration. The shoe features signature fingerprint motifs and dramatic concave ridges on the upper. This design is perfect for summer adventure because it is incredibly lightweight and breathable. The design is also available in a variety of colorways. The Crocs Pollex Clogs are a great choice for summer.

Resale value

Crocs are becoming more popular again after collaborating with renowned designer Salehe Bembury. In December, two new colorways of the salehe bembury crocs Pollex Clog will be released, one of which will feature a profusion of colors and perforated toe boxes. The pair will be released in three colors: Menemsha, Cucumber, and light brown. These colorways will likely be more profitable resale items than the originals. Click to buy pair of reps shoes in affordable price.

The salehe bembury crocs Pollex clog is an excellent example of a style that has a high resale value. At $85, it has the potential to fetch up to $250 if sold on resale. The first draw for this design has already ended and the other two will close soon. The Raffle will remain open for a limited time, so you’ll want to take advantage of this opportunity before it’s too late.

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