Hiring the best people for your company won’t boost your growth if you don’t improve your workspace. Remember that you have to provide the best workspace for your employees to focus on their job and stay productive. 

If you think you should make changes to your workspace, you are at the right place. Keep reading this blog to find thirteen valuable tips that will help you redesign your workspace the right way. 

  1. Improve your employee’s health

It’s your responsibility as the employer to keep your employees healthy. Your employees will fail to do their best if they struggle with health issues. You should make changes to your workspace that encourage your employees to focus on their health. 

For example, you can conduct drug and alcohol testing in your workspace to help your employees get rid of drugs. You should also follow the health and safety guidelines issued by the local government to create a safer workspace. 

  1. Learn from your competitors 

Sometimes it can be difficult to identify the changes you should make to your workspace. If you have run out of ideas about improving your workspace, then it’s time to learn from your competitors. 

Understanding how your competitors manage their workspaces can help introduce new changes in your workspace. You should take some time out of your routine to examine and discuss the workspace management strategies of your competitors with your office managers. 

  1. Keep your workspace spacious

Your employees should not find it hard to move one from one place to the other. A congested workspace will only hinder your employees. You should ensure that your workspace looks spacious. 

Creating a spacious workspace is not only beneficial for your employees. A spacious office will visually appeal to the clients and prospects who visit you. 

You can make your existing workspace look spacious by: 

  • Placing mirrors on the walls. 
  • Increasing free space in your office. 
  • Changing the furniture arrangement. 
  1. Get rid of the clutter

Unwanted items in your office will make it look ugly. A cluttered workspace will make it hard for your employees to get work done. You should ensure that no useless items are present near your employees. 

Making small changes to your workspace can reduce the clutter. For example, you can add cabins in your workspace so your employees can easily store unwanted items away. You should also encourage your employees to place the items at specified places after using them. 

  1. Choose an office mascot

According to a study, an office mascot can help employees to manage work-life balance easily. You should get a mascot, so your employees stay more productive and to make your office look attractive. 

Regardless of whether you are a cat or dog person, you should not pick an office mascot before asking your employees. Ask your employees to determine which pet you should choose as your office mascot. 

  1. Provide a space for socializing

Your employees must not find their job boring as it will only limit their productivity. To make the work fun for your employees, it’s better to allow your employees to socialize with each other. You should create a separate place for your employees where they can sit together and discuss life. 

Most of your employees will find it hard to socialize during a short lunch break. It’s better to introduce a “socializing break” for your employees so they can easily socialize with each other. 

  1. Paint the interior 

A dull and boring workspace won’t help your employees perform their best. The addition of vibrant colors to your workspace can lift up the moods of your employees and help them do their job the right way. You should ask your employees to decide which colors you should choose for your workspace. 

  1. Add indoor plants

Small indoor plants have more benefits than you might think. Adding indoor plants can “humanize” your workspace and make it easier for your employees to stay connected with their job. 

Indoor plants are not only good for decorative purposes. These plants can also clean the air and maintain the proper levels of oxygen indoors. 

You don’t necessarily have to place “high-maintenance” plants in your workspace. Easy-to-maintain indoor plants like Snake Plant and Chinese Money Plant can be the perfect plants for your office needs. 

  1. Arrange training sessions

Your employees will only be able to perform their best if they know about the changing trends in the market. The best way you can keep your employees updated is to arrange training sessions for your employees. 

Training sessions don’t have to be “lengthy” and “cumbersome.” You can plan short daily sessions so your employees can learn something new every day without feeling burdened. 

  1. Brighten up the workspace

A dull workspace won’t help your employees stay productive. You should brighten up your workspace so your employees can do their job with great focus. 

There are several types of lights that you can add to your workspace. For example, you can put desk lights on your employees’ desks. You can read this simple guide about workspace lighting if you can’t decide which lights you should buy for your office. 

  1. Add comfy furniture

Your employees have to spend around 8 hours in your office daily. It’s your job to provide a proper sitting experience to your employees so they can work comfortably. 

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend the top dollar to buy better office furniture. You can check out online stores that sell office furniture items at discounted prices to save your money. 

  1. Build a recreation room

You should allow your employees to focus on their hobbies in their free time. To cater to the recreational needs of your employees, you should create a “recreation room” in your office. This room will allow your employees to do things they cannot focus on because of their hectic work routine. 

  1. Get feedback from your employees

Whether you are introducing a new work policy or improving your workspace, you should always focus on the feedback of your employees. Doing so will help you ensure that your employees get heard and play their part in decision-making. 

By Manali

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