If you are trying to attract better-paying customers, you will need to contrate on elements that set your business apart. In addition to this, you will need to provide a service that is worth the higher charges. There are some easy steps that you can take in this direction, and add to them with more specific features once you have all of these boxes ticked.

#1 Internal Décor

If you want to attract high-end, high-paying customers to your tattoo establishment, you are going to have to dress it up to give it an ‘elite’ feel. This means decorating it in light airy colors and furnishing it appropriately. Have everything well organized and clean. 

#2 Comfortable Atmosphere

You are going to have to provide your potential clients with somewhere to meet their tattoo artist – such as a consultation room. This is likely to be where the initial meeting will take place, where they will be told about the procedures and aftercare that will be happening to them and possibly where they will decide on what tattoo they would like to have.

This initial consultation must happen in private, as some people can feel emotional, intimidated or even embarrassed when seeking to get a tattoo (even if it’s not their first tattoo). High-end clients are going to be attending your tattoo parlour not just for the epidermal artistry, but to show a hidden side to their personality that could be very personal to them or for something which has a deep emotional meaning in their lives.  

#3 Client Privacy

Where possible, provide individual rooms or bays for your clients to feel safe and secure in. However, should this not be possible due to the size of your parlour – you should partition off an area with disposable curtains so your client is not exposed to the rest of your employees or other clientele. 

#4 Staff uniform

To provide your clientele with the impression that they are walking into a reputable establishment you should ensure that all of your members of staff are wearing a uniform of some description. It is likely that those who run tattoo parlours at the lower end of the market, and are happy to be paid minimal amounts for their work do not have or worry about uniforms. However, for an establishment wishing to obtain as much financial gain as possible, employee look plays a large part in customer experience. They might be comparing the experience to visiting a boutique rather than a tattoo parlour.

To wrap things up

Body art of all descriptions is more popular than ever, and this has meant that people from all walks of life will want at least one. The range of people involved will mean there will be a range of expectations, and to attract high-end clients you will need to meet those expectations. This can be done by surrounding them with the right decor, as well as providing a separate area for their initial consultation. This privacy should be extended to the process itself and being attended by uniformed staff will set you apart from more run-of-mill establishments. 

By Manali

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