Most large corporations have calendars packed with special events designed to drive strategic planning, networking, training, and cohesion. This article covers a few of the most important events organized and attended by people within large corporations. 

Annual Conferences 

Almost all large corporations hold annual conferences. During a conference, all of the employees and stakeholders associated with a company are invited to gather and share ideas and insights. There are often speeches, awards ceremonies, and product launches held at these events. Annual conferences are sometimes held on an industry-wide basis – enabling the sharing of ideas beyond the boundaries of individual organizations and setting the tone within an industry for the coming financial year. 

Team Building Retreats 

Team building retreats are off-site events organized with the aim of improving workforce cohesion. Companies may hire a third-party motivational speaker or training coordinator to facilitate events. Workplace cohesion is extremely important but can be very hard to cultivate while employees are busy with the day-to-day running of a company. 


Seminars are key training events built around the development of skills and practices within a workforce. Unlike lectures and traditional training sessions, seminars are inherently reciprocal. They are equally as useful for the management of a company as the employers. Company management can use seminars to learn about structural issues within their organization that need to be addressed. 

Trade Shows

Corporate trade shows are events where businesses come together to showcase their products, services, and brand to a large audience. They offer an opportunity for companies to network, meet potential customers, and gain exposure to new markets. Trade shows also provide a platform for businesses to demonstrate their expertise and innovation, build brand awareness, and gain insights into industry trends and developments. Attendees can learn about the latest products and services, attend educational seminars, and make valuable connections with other industry professionals. Corporate trade shows can range in size, scope, and focus, with some being specific to a particular industry or market segment. They are typically attended by industry professionals, executives, and decision-makers. These shows are immensely important for companies looking to find buyers for their products and services. 

Shareholder Meetings 

Corporate shareholder meetings – often known as AGMs – are gatherings of the owners of a corporation, usually held annually, to discuss and vote on important company matters. These meetings provide an opportunity for shareholders to ask questions, hear updates from management, and vote on proposals related to issues such as executive compensation, corporate governance, and strategic direction. The decisions made during these meetings can have a significant impact on the future of the company, which means that it is extremely important for shareholders to attend and participate in these meetings. Corporate shareholder meetings are usually conducted in person, but in recent times virtual or hybrid formats have become increasingly popular due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Shareholders can attend the meeting in person or cast their vote via proxy. 

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