Regularly cleaning your rugs will not only look better but also protect your floors underneath. The sturdiest rugs can take a beating, but cleaning mistakes can damage these woven wonders. Cleaning rugs isn’t as difficult as you think.

It might seem like a few common cleaning solutions can clean your rug better, but it isn’t true. Read this list to learn the most common rug cleaning errors and how to avoid them.

1. Cleaning Too Frequently

Cleaning a rug too often can damage the fibers and decrease its lifespan. To avoid this mistake, inspect the rug for dirt and debris before cleaning. Then, decide if the rug is actually in need of deep cleaning.

If needed, you can use a vacuum. Since the rug’s fibers are delicate, you should be cautious using the right vacuum setting. For example, use a lower suction setting if the fibers are likely to pull at the fringe or sewn bindings.

2. Ignoring Care Instructions

Rug cleaning errors often occur because people overlook the instructions provided by their rug manufacturer. Ignoring care instructions can lead to costly mistakes. It could even cause permanent damage to a rug.

Homeowners should always check and follow instructions on the rug’s label or the care manual that came with the rug before attempting any cleaning.

Improper cleaning can result in discoloration, fading of colors, and irreparable damage to the back of the rug. Also, some fabrics require special rug cleaning supplies, cleaning methods, and protective treatments, while others require dry cleaning only.

3. Leaving Stains Untreated

One of the most common rug cleaning errors when leaving stains untreated is failing to spot test. Different types of rugs require different cleaning solutions. You must also spot-test to ensure that the cleaner you’re using is appropriate for the material.

4. Over-Scrubbing

Over-scrubbing is a common rug-cleaning error and can have serious repercussions. To avoid over-scrubbing, use a gentle fabric detergent specifically formulated for rugs or upholstery and only use a soft brush to remove the dirt. If your rug has a bit of leather material, check out leather repair services to ensure your rug will be cleaned safely.

5. Over-Shampooing

Many people assume that more shampoo is better. Thus they use too much shampoo while cleaning their rugs, leaving behind a residue that can cause discoloration and potentially weaken the rug fibers.

The best way to avoid over-shampooing is to use a moderate amount of cleaner, no more than what is instructed in the cleaning instructions. Also, ensure that the shampoo is thoroughly rinsed from the rug with clean water.

6. Over-Wetting the Rug

Overwetting a rug can cause dry rot and leave it vulnerable to mildew and staining. To avoid over-wetting the rug, start by spot-treating it with a diluted cleaning solution and use a vacuum to remove as much dirt and liquid as possible before cleaning the entire rug body.

Avoid Common Rug Cleaning Errors Today

Using the right tools and proper techniques can easily avoid common rug cleaning errors. Products and methods used for carpets can damage handmade, unique rugs and decrease their value.

The best way to ensure that your rug will remain in optimal condition is to call a professional rug cleaner to consult and treat your rug with knowledge and care. Contact a rug cleaning professional today to have your rug cleaned correctly and preserved.

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