For some people, they could not care less if the colours of their dining room are the same as the colours of showrooms in the shop windows of leading designers, and for others, there is nothing more exciting than keeping up with the latest home fashions and styles.

If you are a part of the latter group, then continue reading to discover the top four latest trends in home interior design. 

  • Neoclassicism

A rather grand trend to start with, the neoclassicism movement is sweeping the homes of the country’s, not to mention the world’s, top interior designers.

Essentially, neoclassicism centres around symmetrical lines and intricate detail, with the style seamlessly blending in and even complimenting other styles. Neoclassicism is a more formal approach to home décor and relies on a light, bright, and airy space. 

  • Statement Glass Detail

No one would suggest you immediately rush to replace all the double-glazed, secure windows and doors throughout your property with stained glass alternatives, but as grand as it sounds, statement and stained glass is experiencing a huge trending revival right now. 

For a less drastic inclusion of this latest trend in your own home’s design and décor, look for handmade and intricately decorated glass objects, such as vases, ornaments, and even cutlery accessories for the dining room table. 

  • Neutral Tones

Neutral shades, tones, and colours have always been a staple of show homes across the country, mainly because they provide an, essentially, blank slate ready to be decorated with all sorts of personalised décor, ornaments, and paintings. 

What is a most recent and brand-new trend for this year, however, is the move towards light browns and light greys on the walls, either in the form of textured wallpaper or else matte paint. Additionally, neutral tones in carpets and flooring are also bang on-trend, with established carpet suppliers, such as, more than willing to help you choose a fashionable and suitable carpet for any room in your home. 

  • Iron & Silver

The fourth biggest trend in interior design, both here in the United Kingdom, as well as internationally, focuses on iron and silver accents throughout the home.

For people who prefer a more natural aesthetic with wooden doors and furniture, this trend may well not be right for you, but an industrial theme when it comes to tables, chairs, and even countertops would make your home bang on trend. What is more, iron and silver are both set to stay at the top of the interior design trending list for the next few years.

  • Baby Pinks & Mauve

When it comes to specific trending colours in the world of home décor and design, look no further than feminine baby pinks and light mauves, both of which are set to be huge this year. 

If pink seems a little too much for your home and indeed, your personal style, then instead, look to the inclusion of creamier and warmer whites and creams, with small accents of baby pink on cushions and throws. 

By Manali

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