Are you looking to spruce up your staircase with a new look? Have you been thinking about giving your staircase a facelift?

From sleek storage solutions to modern lighting, there are plenty of staircase design trends to consider when you’re planning to redecorate your staircase.

We want to help you find the perfect look with this guide. Keep reading for inspiration and ideas for your next staircase transformation.

1. Colorful Wooden Staircases to Brighten Your Home

If you’re looking for a major decor upgrade to brighten your home, consider embracing colorful wooden staircases. This fun and bold trend brings a variety of uplifting colors and other designs to your home while drastically changing the overall look of your living space.

You can experiment with hues such as teal, pink, navy blue, purple, and yellow to create a vivid look. Paint all the steps and risers in one color or opt for a rainbow staircase for a stunning effect. Currently, wooden stairs with contrasting stripes and patterns are also becoming more popular.

Add new handrails and spindles to give a custom appearance to the staircase. Then let your imagination run wild with gallery wall drawings, an art display, murals, and more for an unforgettable look. Know more about custom stairs on this website, to achieve the custom look you desire.

2. Spectacular Spiral Staircases That Will Take Your Breath Away

Spectacular spiral staircases can have intricate designs. With details such as diamond-cut spindles, handrails, and designs along the side of each stair. Spiral staircases can be made from a variety of materials each offering its unique aesthetic such as:

  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel

On top of this, today’s spiral staircases can incorporate a wide range of colors and allow homeowners to create a custom look that matches their style. From rustic to glamorous, spiral staircases offer a tremendous degree of versatility. This can easily transform any space into a jaw-dropping masterpiece.

3. Minimalistic Staircases for an Uncluttered Home

Staircases are the main focal point in any home, and for the minimalistic home, a minimalistic staircase can instantly create a tranquil atmosphere.

Staircase trends for this type of home are all about streamlining, simple lines, and classic silhouettes to add visual interest without appearing cluttered. Avoid excessive ornamentation and focus on combining classic materials such as wood, steel, and glass details.

A contemporary style look can be achieved with thin staircases and modular elements, while monochrome, black and white finishes will add a touch of drama and contrast.

The sleek edges of the stairs together with sleek bright color tones can instantly create an uncluttered, inviting atmosphere. Installing minimalistic staircases can be a great way to maximize the space, while still maintaining an aura of sophistication.

Choose the Perfect Staircase Design for Your Home

Staircases maintain lasting style, beauty, and functionality with every architectural period. No matter the style or decor, a staircase can be the showpiece of a home.

Get creative and stay on trend with these stunning staircase design trends. Contact your local team of stair experts to craft the perfect staircase for your home.

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