London is one of the best and most important cities in the world. It is a leader in the world in many aspects and it is therefore not surprising that many people move to the city every year. London has a rich history and is also a global leader in finance and business. London should be among the first cities you consider if you are looking to relocate as a digital nomad. This article will explain why London might be the perfect city for you.

Amazing Food Options

London has lots of cafés and restaurants everywhere you turn. You will find restaurants serving dishes from various parts of the world. The food is always incredible as per numerous reviews, and the choices are seemingly endless. If you are interested in something different, rustic markets give you a taste of the countryside while in the city.

Internet Speeds

London has several internet providers and also fast internet speeds. Internet connectivity and speed are crucial for digital nomads which is why this is fantastic news. The average speed across London is 102 Mbps, but that depends on your internet provider and where you live. Regardless, the average speed is fast enough for most online work.


London can be confusing when it comes to its housing options. On the one hand, it has some of the most expensive houses in the world, while on the other it has affordable accommodation that is perfect for digital nomads.

London also has different types of accommodation like hotels and Airbnb options, but those are not viable for those looking for medium-length stays. Instead, those looking for accommodation can find rooms to rent in London using platforms that curate them.

There, you can find various options including single and double rooms as well as one-bedroom apartments. The amenities you get will vary, and some room options even have monthly bills included in the rent.


London is a very connected city. You can move within, in and outside London using the London Underground, taxis, taxi-hailing services, bikes, and motorcycles. The London Underground is an affordable option for many people, but there are additional ways to save money when using this option.

The black cabs of London are metered and pricey, but they give you the best experience when travelling in the city. Taxi-hailing services are middle-of-the-road options, with their price governed by many factors.

Digital nomads do not have to worry about these expenses unless they really need to use them. Instead, they can opt for Santander Cycles which charge £2 for 24 hours. The first 30 minutes of each ride are free. The Santander bikes can be found all over London and can eliminate the need for other forms of transport for those looking to save money and who do not mind cycling.

London is a great city to live in. It can be an expensive, but there are many ways to save money when living in the city. It offers everything a digital nomad would need to thrive.

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