Every content creator realizes the importance of originality. Remakes and reboots are commonplace in Hollywood making use of the success of older films by remaking their content and presenting them to an audience that is new. However, these changes generally fail unless they bring something new to the overall experience. If you create an article or videos that are merely repeat of something that somebody else has already done and you not get any value from the work that you’ve created, but you could be a victim of reputation issues being branded as an imposter.

However, if you’ve been producing content for a while it’s possible that you’ve reached an unfathomable plateau. In the end, you may find it extremely difficult to make work that’s distinctive and unique from the content of your competition.

Why is it so difficult to develop original content and what do you do to fix it?

The reason it’s difficult to Create Original Content

Let’s look at the issue from a basic level. There are many obstacles standing in the way of the initial content creation, and a myriad of sub-problems to be resolved.

For instance:

The issue of saturation. You don’t have to be an expert in content analytics to understand the oversaturated world of content. There are millions of people creating material on the Internet as well as millions who are investing a lot in the promotion of their work. There have been for more than 20 years vibrant blog-, social and media-driven online world and the volume of content that is available has grown exponentially over the years. Additionally that more and more people are realizing the advantages of content marketing, and are inundating the market with more content. The task of finding a topic that hasn’t been covered to death is a nightmare.

The problem with formulas that work. There’s a flaw when it comes to formulas that use the “successful formula” for content generation. Have you noticed that a lot of YouTube videos these days have thumbnails that show a person smiling in shock or titles that suggest something shocking, and a length of just a little over 10 minutes? It’s because these types videos usually do extremely in the confines of the YouTube algorithm. It’s possible to blame creators of the content for resorting clickbait, or copying strategies of their rivals however it’s sensible to do. If you don’t adhere to the guidelines for content that is successful You may appear to be unique however you’ll be a failure when it comes to the attention of audiences. If you employ tactics such as these, you’ll be in no chance of creating something that’s truly original.

The problem of creative stagnation. Once you’ve produced 100 videos on a particular subject, it becomes hard to come up with new ideas to address the topic. Many content creators experience an unavoidable writer’s block or burnout at some point and discover that they are unable to think of new content, or recognizing that the bulk of what they’ve created thus far is, in a way, not original. This stagnation of creativity can continue for a long time and make it extremely difficult to break the plateau.

The risk issue. Anyone could think up a technologically innovative concept. You can make an avant-garde film or to create a piece of content that defies any blogging rule that’s ever been written. These pieces will probably not succeed because they differ from the established norms so significantly. Every truly original piece of content will be a challenge to the creator, and it carries the risk of each brand new content and punishing those who try to defy the established rules.

The Need for Originality

With all the obstacles on your way, how do you should you be trying to be unique? You can simply duplicate the strategies of your competitors and see a reasonable result?

The simple answer is that you can get decent results from content that is not great provided you create regularly and try your best to educate and entertain your visitors. But, creating original content can provide you with a huge benefit, distinguishing you from other websites and offering people what they really would like rather than something that just does the job of meeting their minimal requirements.

What steps can you make to produce more unique content?

Find ideas all over the place. Begin by trying to find ideas from everywhere. You’re probably familiar with the idea that you cannot make creativity happen; however, if you sit at your desk and have 20 minutes of free time to try and come up with an idea, you’re likely be dissatisfied. The most creative ideas tend to come when we’re bored or bored, which is why it’s essential to be open to new ideas regardless of the place you’re in or what you’re working on. You can search for ideas for content, particularly to help you brainstorm ideas. However, it’s equally crucial to maintain your mind open when communicating with other people, absorbing about new subjects, or when you’re on your own contemplating thinking in the bathroom.

Find holes in the canon to find holes. Also, look for holes in the canon that require being filled. Keep an eye on your competition and observe what kinds of content they’re producing. Are there any important subjects in your field that haven’t been addressed by your competitors before? Do your customers have questions that aren’t adequately addressed by the Internet or elsewhere? Every hole can be a chance when you’re able to come up with a solution to make it.

It is important to prioritize authenticity. One of the major issues due to the increase in popularity of content marketing is the declining authenticity. All brands have turned to producing the most calm and safest content that they are able to, in the hopes of not damaging readers or causing disruption to the business. In the end, their content is written as if an office full of snooty professionals put it together. However, this doesn’t mean a casual or casual style is appropriate for your brand however, if you speak from the heart and add your personality in a small amount you’ll find it easier to stand out the rest of the crowd.

Create something completely new. If you’ve got truly exclusive information to communicate, it’s simple to come up with an original headline for your content. The most popular method to find fresh information is through original research. However, even basic research, which makes use of the power of surveys from customers as well as basic human observation will yield results that most of your readers will find useful.

Find more contributors. Even if you’re working with the confines of a small team there is no need to handle all creating content on your own. It is much more effective to collaborate with your all-inclusive team and receive content ideas from each member. Also, collaborate with writers from your team and think about accepting guest writer contributions This will not only reduce the manual effort you’ll need to put into creating content, however, it can assist in covering new subjects and present old topics from different angles.

Diversify your content risk. It is not a good idea to be a risk of offending the gods of search engines with an article of original content that is a source of controversy and you don’t want to put your entire reputation on a completely new medium of content that may cause people to leave. It is the reason you should think of your content portfolio as an investment portfolio, and increase your risks. Be sure to include a few types that are “risky” content, grounded by less original and more secure content. No one said that all your content has to be revolutionary.


Technology can help solve this “original content” problem, at least in a few ways. Innovative ways of creating and engaging with content will be developed that will stimulate the creativity of many creators of content and inspiring them to think of new ideas. However you shouldn’t count on this alone therefore, make sure to invest in strategies for content innovation that will allow you to distinguish yourself from the crowd and produce more engaging appeals to your audience.

By Manali

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