Casinos employ a huge variety of employees in different roles. Some of these are managers, supervisors, cashiers, pit bosses, and croupiers. The croupiers in casinos usually wear elegant dress clothes and you see them at the gaming tables. They typically work in shifts and need to take breaks every few hours because they spend time on their feet and need focus all the time. Croupiers are highly involved in interacting with patrons so the position is an important one. 

What is a croupier?

A croupier in a casino is the person in charge of a gaming table. A dealer deals casino games in general, but a croupier usually refers only to roulette dealers. Technically it can also refer to those in charge of other casino games like baccarat. When referring to poker dealers, the word ‘croupier’ sounds odd, but it is a commonly used word in many European countries. 

In games like online slots for real money, no croupiers are needed. Players interact directly with various kinds of slot machines. Casinos have many different slot machines, from classic slots to video poker machines. 

What education and skills does a croupier need? 

No formal education is necessary to become a croupier, but you need to have a high level of numeracy. You will have to do calculations in your head because you have to figure out game odds and calculate payments for winners. You also need to be able to work under pressure and be confident and friendly. The ability to concentrate is an important trait. Casinos want their croupiers to be honest and reliable because these qualities matter to patrons when choosing the best casino.

New croupiers usually undergo a paid training period so they can learn the different gambling games. They increase their knowledge by gaining experience while on the job. Some of them prefer to stay croupiers, while others may want to progress up the ladder. 

What tasks do croupiers do?

At the start of a shift, croupiers will typically report to a pit boss who assigns them a table. Croupiers need to observe the patrons at the table. They will explain the rules to them and make sure they understand and follow them. They will spin a roulette wheel, deal cards for different games or place poker chips on the table. 

The croupier is responsible for gathering in and paying out money and tokens. A beginner’s casino gambling guide will offer information on the role of the croupier and how to interact with them. Gamblers need to respect the croupier. The work can be exhausting and stressful, especially at a table where patrons indulge in unruly behavior or become over-competitive.

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