Is it worth refinancing or getting a vehicle loan for a new vehicle? Use our free calculator to compare the interest costs of your current loan and the payments on a newer loan with a lower APR.

Current Interest Rates On Auto Loans In Your Area

We offer up-to-date information about the current interest rates for car loans for both new and used vehicles. Car buyers can use these quotes to get an idea of the cost of financing and to help them determine the best interest rate before they deal with an auto dealer.

Refinance The Loans On Your Vehicle Or Truck

A loan is almost always required to finance the purchase of a new automobile, truck, or sport utility vehicle (SUV). The loan will depend on two important aspects: the buyer’s credit history and current interest rates. These two aspects are constantly changing, and buyers rarely find the perfect storm in which their credit history and unexpectedly low-interest rates combine to create the best vehicle loan. The terms of car loans may be flexible. Buyers can modify their original financing terms and save significant money by refinancing.


A buyer who decides to refinance an automobile loan will have the title and legal ownership transferred to another creditor and a new loan agreement drafted. Two main reasons are required to obtain a new loan for an automobile. First, buyers with a high credit score may be eligible for lower interest rates and better terms. Refinancing could be a great way to save money over the life of your loan if the interest rates were very high when you first purchased it.

The Many Benefits Of Refinancing

Refinancing a vehicle loan can lead to several benefits. Refinancing allows buyers to reduce their monthly payments, making the loan more affordable month-to-month. For example, buyers can refinance their vehicle loan at lower interest rates and extend the loan term. This could allow them to reduce the significant monthly installments. However, even though this type of refinance may solve a buyer’s financial problems immediately, it is unlikely they will save any money over the long term. The potential savings of a lower interest rate will likely be lost if the loan term is extended for a longer time. It is possible to save significant interest if the buyer refinances their car loan at a lower rate and the same repayment terms that the original loan.

Refinancing Has Its Drawbacks

Before refinancing a vehicle, there are some things you should consider. Refinancing a vehicle loan early is advisable because the interest on the loan is due at the end of the term. If customers wait longer, they will not get a better deal in Denver; remember that financial institutions will not refinance older vehicles. This is because older vehicles may not be worth the extra loan cost. When refinancing, prospective buyers need to know about any prepayment penalties associated with a first-vehicle loan. A buyer may have to pay part of the outstanding principal and interest if they refinance their mortgage with certain lenders. Refinancing an existing vehicle loan often results in significant cost savings.

Use the Car Refinance Calculator to determine if refinancing your vehicle loan is a good idea. Enter the principal amount, monthly payment towards your auto loan, the interest rates applicable to your existing loan, and the loan you wish to refinance in the boxes. The calculator will then show you how much cost savings might be possible by refinancing an existing auto loan.

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