Running your online store can be very challenging for a person who has little experience in the industry. For this reason, it is advisable to take advice from a web development company that will help launch a well-functioning store. It is worth knowing the platforms that support online sales. What are the Top 5 most valuable portals at the moment?

The first store with Shopify

This is one of the most popular platforms in online commerce. You can create your first store in just a few hours. Among the advantages of Shopify, which undoubtedly influenced its success, one must distinguish the very flexible design, the high level of administrator and user security, the high store performance, or the very intuitive interface. It is undoubtedly a must-be for people who want to start their adventure in e-commerce.

Wix will help create a website

Another suggestion is a well-known portal that will help you prepare your first online store. This is which often provides support to various web development companies. A store designed with the help of this portal will work well for businesses with a smaller assortment. If someone wants to run a business with no more than 100 items on offer, they should be happy to create their first store with this portal. As with Shopify, it gives you a feel for it from the first time with no problem navigating.

BigCommerce for huge stores

The most significant advantage of this platform is that it allows you to manage your store assortment very efficiently. The tools will enable you to navigate the store’s inventory efficiently. The platform allows you to integrate your store with other portals like Amazon, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace. In addition, it has many additional widgets which can be used for SEO optimization or site auditing. The platform’s extensive capabilities make it a favorite choice of people running large stores and wholesalers.

Niche store only with Squarespace

Once again, a portal is put at the disposal of all those who want to start their career in e-commerce, which allows creating a fully functioning online store in a few hours. It is one of the cheaper portals offering ready-made online store templates, which limits its possibilities. For this reason, it will work very well for smaller stores selling niche products. That’s why the favorable subscription prices and not much commission on sales are worth noting.

Zyro is for those who like to save money

Another platform that works very well for creating an online store. One of the advantages is that hosting is included in the fee for the designed store. Besides, the portal offers a site with many templates characterized by high transparency and good performance. The store created with Zyro can be very well optimized for SEO.

In conclusion, if you want to run your first online business, it is worth using one of the platforms offering such a service. The choice is vast, and by choosing one of those presented above, you can be sure it will be a good choice. It is worth answering first the question of what assortment of products will be available in the store because it primarily determines which platform to choose.

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