Moving into a new home is a significant milestone in life. During packing and transit, some high-value possessions might need special handling. From antique furniture to artwork and pianos, it’s best to hire a specialty mover to help you through the process. A quick search for “movers near me” will recommend professional moving companies in your area. 

Collaborate with a team of highly skilled professionals. Their knowledge guarantees that all your important possessions arrive in the same condition they were sent in. Here are some pointers to keep your valuables secure during a move:

Get Insurance

Before hiring a moving company, get insurance to cover your specialty items. This protects you in case anything gets damaged or lost during the move. Insurance can be provided by your moving company or purchased individually. When relocating, there are two forms of insurance to consider:

  • Value Coverage: You can purchase this from the moving company you hire. This cover protects your belongings up to a certain dollar amount. It can either be a standalone policy or added to your overall moving cost.
  • Property Damage Liability: This policy is typically purchased as an add-on to the moving bill from the mover. It covers any damage to your goods during transit.

If you wish to forgo insurance, take extra precautions. Pack your valuables in sturdy boxes with plenty of bubble wrap, newspaper, or other cushioning material. Label them as “fragile” to let movers know how to handle the packages.

Keep a Detailed Inventory

Create a detailed list of all your high-value goods. This includes fine art, antiques, heirlooms, and musical instruments. You may also want to list sentimental items and documents that are very important to you. You can also record large items like a billiard table, refrigerator, and furniture.

Keeping inventory is an integral part of pre-move preparation. It serves as a point of reference if something goes missing during transit. Taking photos also aids with insurance claims if anything is lost or damaged during the relocation.

Use High-Quality Packing Material

When packing your specialty items, take extra care to prevent any damage. Use high-quality, sturdy boxes to cushion fragile items. They should be slightly larger than the items you’re packing.

Use plenty of packing material to cushion and protect them. Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and old blankets are all great choices.

Remember to seal all boxes tightly and label them clearly. This helps the movers handle your belongings carefully and know which items must be loaded first to avoid mishaps.

Keep the Important Things on You

Take anything you might need to access during the moving day. This includes prescription medicine, cash, keys, and important documents. The moving process may be disrupted when you try to locate a box with your medication or laptop.

Hire a Specialty Moving Company

Work with a professional moving company specializing in moving specialty goods for a smooth experience. They have the experience, equipment, and expertise to handle your valued possessions with care for a stress-free move. Here are a few things to keep in mind when finding a moving company that can adequately transport your belongings:


You want to make sure that the company you’re hiring is experienced in moving delicate and valuable items. They should know how to handle your specific type of specialty items.

For instance, hire a piano moving company if you want to relocate a standing piano. They employ unique procedures and equipment to guarantee that your musical instrument is not harmed throughout the transport. Some companies even offer insurance for pianos in transportation to give you peace of mind.

Cost Versus Your Budget

Once you have narrowed your list to a few moving companies, request an estimate from each. Most movers provide this information for free. Then compare the prices to find the best deal within your budget.

Find a Specialty Movers Near Me

Before moving any specialty items, take inventory and get moving insurance. Pack your possessions in high-quality boxes with ample padding and label them “fragile.” Remember to keep anything you need on moving day in your carry-on. 

Find reliable specialty movers for the best possible experience. Work with a moving company offering quality, professional services to ensure your items travel safely where they need to go.

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