When shopping for medical caster wheels, consider the features of the most important types. These include smooth rolling, non-marking, ease of swivel, and high load capacity. A caster’s diameter and braking and locking mechanisms will have a significant impact on mobility. Also, consider the bearing selection to maximize ergonomics in the workplace. Then, make the most of your new purchase by following these tips. To get started, start by browsing the different models available online.


When you are looking for medical caster wheels, you’ve probably noticed that some of them don’t leave any marks. These casters come with non-marking neoprene wheels. They also feature sealed precision ball bearings and dual ball swivel raceways. These casters offer quiet operation and a smooth movement. If you’re looking for a medical caster that’s easy to clean, look no further than the https://www.casterwheelsco.com/.


When it comes to moving hospital beds, stretchers, and radiology tables, smooth-rolling medical caster wheels are an absolute must. Using wheels that glide on any surface can make the difference between patient safety and a mishap. Medical chairs are another critical piece of equipment that must roll smoothly and easily. Here’s a look at three types of casters:

Easy swivel

Easy swivel medical casters are available for use on tile floors or on carpets. These casters are easy to use and come with softer materials that don’t increase noise levels. They’re also capable of moving in virtually any direction, allowing for quick transport of equipment. In environments where care must be delivered without delay, speed is crucial. Thankfully, these casters come with full plastic thread guards, which add protection and reduce the risk of debris entanglement.

High load capacity

Caster wheels have many advantages. They are flexible, durable, and offer excellent load capacity. Casters have the advantage of reducing the effort of moving heavy items and are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate varying load capacities. The larger caster wheels are particularly beneficial for medical facilities because they help prevent floor damage. They also help reduce the impact of vibrations and shock. The caster wheels are incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

Easy maneuverability

Unlike supermarket shopping carts, medical equipment and supplies are not easy to handle. Fortunately, Medical Caster Wheels manufacturers can help you move them easily. In hospitals, medical equipment and supplies are frequently moved from room to room, including patient beds, trolleys, and machines. Medium-sized caster wheels make this task even easier. Moreover, they are silent, with ball bearing tracks that prevent damage to surfaces and materials. The following are some advantages of medical caster wheels:

Low profile

Medical casters require special considerations to ensure safety in the environment. The wheels are made from stainless steel, making them resistant to chemicals, fluids and washdowns. Medical casters are also designed to be quiet, so they are perfect for use in a medical environment where sound is a concern. They can be ordered with braking options and have precision bearings to ensure a smooth ride. They are also great for hospitals, medical centers and any other setting where noise is an issue.

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