A landlord’s responsibility to their residents is a vital one. It is important to keep your residents happy and ensure their security. However, figuring out how to achieve this can be overwhelming. Well, in today’s world, the importance of touchless access control for apartment complexes cannot be understated. The benefits of this control are many and include increased security, convenience, and peace of mind for residents and property managers alike, and if you’re considering investing in one, it’s important to find one that is reputable, as exampled by the Swiftlane reviews on their security products. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of touchless control for your apartment complex.

It Offers Convenience for Residents

Touchless access is a technology that allows residents to enter their apartment complex without having to use a key or passcode. This system is convenient for residents because it eliminates the need to carry a key or remember a passcode. It also reduces the likelihood of losing keys or forgetting passwords. Touchless access control is also secure because it uses biometric authentication, which requires residents to scan their fingerprints in order to gain entry. This system is beneficial for apartment complexes because it makes it easier for residents to get into their homes.

It Adds a Layer of Security

Touchless access control systems are growing in popularity due to their many benefits, chief among them being a reduced risk of burglary. Burglars often target apartment complexes because they know that there are likely to be multiple entrances with no one monitoring who comes and goes. With touchless control, however, this becomes much more difficult as each resident has their own unique code or fingerprint that is required to open the door. In addition, complex managers can set up alerts so that they are notified anytime someone enters or leaves the premises outside of normal hours.

Another benefit of touchless access control is increased safety for children and pets. With traditional keyed locks, it is easy for small children to let themselves out unintentionally or for pets to escape from their homes. Touchless systems eliminate this risk by requiring a specific code or fingerprint scan in order to open the door.

It Saves Energy

Touchless access control is not only more convenient for the users, but it is also more efficient. The sensors used in touchless systems only need to be triggered when someone is within range, as opposed to a traditional system where the door must be constantly monitored, which can use a lot of energy. In addition, touchless systems can be programmed to turn off lights and other electronics when no one is in the room, which can save even more energy. Further, with traditional keyed locks, people often leave their doors open because it’s inconvenient to have to keep track of a key and unlock/lock the door every time they go in and out. This leads to increased energy usage as heat or air conditioning escapes from the building. Touchless access control on doors eliminates this problem by automatically locking the door after a person exits, thus preventing any unnecessary energy loss.

The benefits of touchless access control for your apartment complex are overall security and convenience. With a touchless system, residents and visitors can easily enter the building without having to fumble with keys or cards. This reduces the chances of someone accidentally locking themselves out and also eliminates the need to carry around a key or card. Additionally, a touchless system can help improve security by making it more difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access to the building, so be sure to do your research and find the best option for your apartment.

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