Outlook is a powerful platform that allows you to send and read emails. The same outlook error can lead to problems. If you find yourself in the same situation, this article is for your benefit. We are looking at possible errors and ways to solve the problem.

Errors and Solutions:-

Error [pii_email_373158ef2aa66aa3250f] :

PST corruption occurs when an error code is displayed by a user. This error code is displayed when there is an error in PST corrupt. This data file contains all the mail items that were sold by Outlook. The problem occurs when the PST that is associated with the Outlook profile becomes corrupted. Users can resolve the PST connection issue either manually or with third-party Software.

Move email from Outlook Folder:

Outlook can be affected if there is excessive data. The user should clear out all unneeded files from Outlook and the trash folder. If there are unnecessary files, check them out. This will optimize Outlook’s performance, and users will be able work more efficiently.

Reinstall Outlook:

If this is the case, you should uninstall outlook from your preferred program and then reinstall it. There might be errors during installation which can be corrected by the installer. If Outlook crashed during installation, you should contact support immediately.

You can check the antivirus settings at

Antivirus software is used for scanning emails. It is important to make sure that the antivirus has the correct settings for email scanning. Antivirus settings that have default configurations may cause Outlook to be unable to connect to the server. Do not allow the antivirus to be disabled temporarily. Or, modify the settings accordingly.

Delete threatening messages from your mailbox If there is a damaged mail in your mailbox, the following steps can be taken to resolve it:

  • You can contact your ISP to ask them for a deletion of suspicious e-mails.
  • Any suspicious eMails can be deleted by accessing your mailbox through the Web-based email program of your ISP.

These are the mistakes and solutions that users can think of to ensure they use it correctly.

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