Geotagging refers to adding precise global positioning data to an image online. Typically, it includes the latitude and longitude of the location. Geotagging is the most common way of embedding location-specific data to your website through images and pictures. While visitors to your site may not see this information, it can be read by search engine crawlers that will then catalog and analyze the data as they crawl your website. The geotagging cost will depend on whether you geotag your photos manually or through an app or software.

Does Geotagging Photos Help Local Search Rank?

Geotagging will help search engines connect your website photos to a particular location. The location can be what the picture depicts or where and when it was clicked, or both. Geotagging can play an important role in improving your website’s local ranks. Any location-based business can benefit greatly by adding geotags to its images. If you have a business that serves people only in San Francisco, you will want people only from that location to find your site. Your site will not be relevant to users from other locations. 

Search engines look for location-related information on websites for local results. While it can find that information on your “About Us” or “Contact Us” page, geotagging will also provide that information and help search engines determine the location of your business.

Local businesses need to do well in local search results to get the right customers. You must find customers in your local area. Geotagging will help you guide your customers to your site and help your website appear at the top of search results. 

How Does Geotagging Help Website Performance?

Geotagging allows you to put all your location-related information in one place with a picture. It can help sites in the following ways:

Helps with Local SEO

The primary benefit of geotagging your images is that it emphasizes the relevance of your business’s location. Geotagging provides detailed and reliable local information to Google. The more information Google has about your business and its location, the more it is likely to rank it in local search results for any given term. 

Geotagged Images can be Used in Google My Business

Since each GMB listing is based on accurate location and Google Maps, geotagging becomes crucial for Google My Business. Google will look at how consistent your company’s name, address, and phone number are on different pages of your website and other places on the web. It will consider your business to be relevant to local queries when these are constant. 

Helps Analyze Consumer Data

The geotags on images can be used to analyze each of your location’s performance. They provide you with relevant behavioral information about your target audience. This makes it easy for you to target different market behaviors and use that information to customize and create new marketing strategies for different locations.

Simplifies Tracking

Geotagging images help you track sales and map processes while saving money and time. 

Influences Customer Awareness About Your Brand

Geotagging images on your website and other online locations can greatly influence how your potential customers perceive you. Geotagged images contribute to how you appear in search results. This helps improve brand awareness and improves your online visibility for each location.

Live Monitoring

Geotagging helps you live monitor and automate your workforce. It also enables customers to tag their location and inform friends and family about your business, helping more people in the area find out about you.

How to Embed Geolocation in EXIF Data?

There are many tools and apps available to alter the EXIF data. You can use an EXIF editor and insert the longitude and latitude information manually into the image. You must ensure that the photo upload service you use depicts the image’s location and coordinates on the map correctly. 

How to Geotag Images?

  • There are many web programs, apps, and software like GeoTag Images that will help you geotag a photo. You can upload and tag multiple images parallelly, unlimited tag photos per month, and get JPG and PNG support. 
  • You can use Google My Business to get your business coordinates. For this, right-click on the map marker and choose properties. 
  • Add your picture here.
  • The picture will appear on the map if it already has a location
  • While this is an option, it is recommended to add more EXIF tags to the images to boost SEO performance
  • Once the tagging is done, you can download the geotagged image and use it on your business site.
  • This image can also be used when you sign up for relevant directories, social networking, and PR distribution sites. 

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