Victorian era homes were built very differently from Georgian era homes. These homes were individual masterpieces, each with special features and personalities. If you are planning to sell one, it is important to maintain its charm and personality so you can show it off properly. Additionally, the interior and bones of the house must be complemented by its interior. So, how do you prepare a Victorian home for sale?

Work on Its Facade

A Victorian home’s facade is the front of the house. The facade’s key features are the tiles, front garden or walk path, and large front windows. The larger front window became a popular feature of these houses when the “windows tax” was removed to allow more natural light into the homes.

It is important to keep these features in top shape if you are going to fetch a good price for a Victorian home. This is especially true about the front tile path where people want to see the original tiles or recreated options.

If the tiles look tired or are broken and uneven, it is best to talk to a local specialist so they can replace them. You can visit where you will find authentic Victorian geometric tiles. Check out the options they have for your pathway or even Victorian-era floor.

Interior Woodwork

Most Victorian homes used mature trees for the staircases and doors. These trees are very durable, and it would be best to not replace them if they are not rotting or infected. However, the doors and staircase might need a coat of paint if they are not looking their best. You can also replace the doors and windows if you are looking for secure or fire-resistant modern options.

Make Modern Updates

Buyers expect most of the house’s original features to still be there. What they will not appreciate, however, is outdated appliances, heating and cooling systems, plumbing and electrical systems that could fail at any time. Doing some updates will give buyers peace of mind and help you sell the home quicker. They will also allow you to list the house for more.

Make the Rooms Feel Spacious

No one wants to buy a home that feels crowded. There are several ways of making a space seem larger, the first one being decluttering. Removing all clutter in the house will open up the space and help buyers envision how they will use the space.

You should also transform areas that look like they would have no purpose into usable spaces. Many older homes have this problem, and you can show buyers that there is extra space if they are willing to be a little creative.

Also, ensure there is enough natural light streaming into the home. Light makes a space look bigger, and you can magnify its effects using a few well-placed mirrors.

Victorian homes still sell really well. You can increase the home’s value and help it sell faster by making a few changes and preparing and staging it for sale. Just don’t go so far that the home’s final value prices it out of the market.

By Manali

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