The restaurant industry is very competitive. Businesses seeking to maintain old clients and attract new ones must adopt digital marketing as their primary marketing strategy. If you are searching for a restaurant marketing agency, this article will help you know what to expect. Most digital marketing agencies will try the following proven techniques. 

Revamp Your Website

Many people prefer to order food online rather than eat out. For a large percentage of your clientele, your website may be the first or only representation of your business they encounter. Your digital marketing agency will ensure that clients will have an easy time browsing your products and placing their orders when they visit your website. Websites that are not user-friendly often drive clients to alternative sites. The agency will ensure that your website is professional, functional, and user-friendly on PC and mobile devices.

Post Professional Food Content 

It is said the eye eats first. Your restaurant’s menu is its key selling point. Your digital marketing agency will invest the resources to engage a professional food photographer who will capture high-quality artistic images of your various offerings. Attractive photos for your online presence are a simple way to draw clients in. 

Create a Loyalty Program

Clients love loyalty programs that earn them a free purchase or discount after a certain number of visits. Your agency will urge you to consider a loyalty program tracked by the old punch cards or the more modern digital apps. An app is a better option because it creates a platform for clients to order online and receive updates about new products or discounts. 

Monitor Review Websites

Registering your restaurant on as many review sites as possible to increase your visibility is wise. Once you have registered, take the time to respond to all reviews politely. Clients who have never visited your restaurant will likely make a snap decision based on your online review. You must monitor these websites for posts about you or your competition that could help you improve your services. Restaurants with overwhelmingly good reviews are able to build credibility with people who have never visited them in person. 

Host Special Events

Hosting various special events at your restaurant is an excellent way to bring new clients through the door. You can opt to discount booking fees to encourage people to host their events at your restaurant. Not only will sales increase during the event, but so will your online invisibility as clients share photos of themselves at your venue. Your agency could also jumpstart special events inviting local artists to put on a show on a national holiday. 

Create And Market Limited Time Menu Items

FOMO is a significant driving factor for consumer trends. Inform clients in advance of an upcoming limited-time item or service by posting teaser photos on your online platforms. Accompany the pictures or videos with detailed descriptions of the item and its limited availability. A popular version of this technique is creating a contest between two items, with the winner permanently added to your menu. Such contests keep clients engaged and content. 

Create Interactive Videos

Digital marketing agencies do not limit themselves to creating content write-ups because they know how effectively videos make customer engagement. Even though not all videos go viral, most of them increase the amount of traffic to your online platforms. Videos for digital marketing are particularly challenging because they have to be on-brand, on-trend, and entertaining to capture attention in the competitive online platforms. 

Use Promotional SMS

Promotional SMSs is an effective digital marketing strategy because of their high opening rates and maximum visibility. Ensure you create a simple, brief yet striking message that has a chance of standing out amongst the sea of notification and promotional text messages in your client’s inbox. The text should end with a call to action and a facilitating link. You can also identify inactive clients from your database and send them a welcome back discount coupon. SMS campaigns are best used in combination with email campaigns to maximize brand awareness and conversion rates. 

Offer Regular Discounts

Customers are proven to flock to businesses where they are likely to save money. Offering regular discounts is an excellent way to boost sales by attracting new customers. Iconic marketing campaigns, e.g., Happy Hour and Taco Tuesdays, have been built around regular discounts. These campaigns are highly successful because clients are eager to get premium items at discounted prices. When looking to market your restaurant online, it is best to rely on a skilled digital marketing agency.

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