For civil service examination, current affairs are considered one of the most important topics. In the prelims examination, current affairs carry a weightage of about 22-34%, whereas, for the main exams, the weightage is about 60-70%. But most of the time, it is seen that the importance of current affairs in the UPSC examination keeps on changing. Aspirants must be well aware of the Current Affairs 2022  that are happening around the world to prepare for this year’s exam. 

How to Prepare for Current Affairs 2022?

Aspirants preparing for the civil service examination must study newspapers daily as the syllabus of current affairs is not defined for the prelims and mains exam. The syllabus mentions “Current events of national and international importance,” and hence this part is known as Current Affairs.

For better understanding, the aspirants can refer to the past year’s questions paper and can prepare for the current affairs; doing this will give them an idea about the question, and this will benefit them in their preparation. 

Some of the tips that aspirants can follow while preparing for the current affairs topic:

Read the Newspaper on a Daily Dasis

Aspirants, while preparing for the civil service examination, need to read newspapers daily. Reading a newspaper daily would help them know what is happening worldwide, and it helps them achieve the vocabulary and proficiency needed. It also helps them know about different sectors of the world like the economy, politics, society, households, and business.

Limit Your Sources

The aspirants should be limiting their sources for the study of current affairs. They should be inclined towards a particular source only so that there will be no further confusion and they will be able to complete their syllabus on time.

Limit Your Time

For studying current affairs in 2022, Aspirants should be limiting their study time. They should not let current affairs studied further or later; they should be given at least 3 to 4 hours per day for current affairs. Doing this would benefit them, and they will not be pressured for this subject before the day of the exam.

Make Daily Notes

The next important thing that aspirants need to take care of is that they should make notes on a daily basis. Doing this would help them to revise before the exam, and there would be no last-minute doubts.

Read, Revise and Execute

Aspirants should give a daily read to their notes of current affairs 2022 because by this, they will be able to remember them. Not only reading would help, but aspirants should try to Revise them daily, either weekly or monthly. The revision will help them to gain some confidence, and they would not be pressured at the last minute. They should also try to execute these current affairs in the answers you write daily.

Solve Previous Year’s Papers

Aspirants should solve the past year’s papers because by solving them, they will be able to get an idea of how the question appears in the exam. They will also get good practice and speed while solving them.

Therefore, now that the aspirants have got a good idea of how to prepare for the current affairs, it’s their time to implement them. Aspirants need to do daily practice so that they will be able to gain some confidence and will be able to believe in themselves.

For appearing in the civil service examination, the candidate must be within the UPSC age limit of 21 years. The UPSC Age Limit still gives many aspirants time to focus on various issues or confusions that they will be getting while preparing for the civil service exams. The latest news and affairs of the country are very must important not only for the civil service exams but they will benefit you for a long time. So, you should choose your materials very wisely and need focus on that itself. Aspirants can visit online websites like BYJUS Exam Prep to get the latest information and preparation material for UPSC.

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