Moving a WordPress site from one host to another is no easy task. But, it must be done, especially if you are looking for a stronger uptime, cheaper plans, faster speeds, or better customer service. Despite the headache, migrating your WordPress site from one host to another is possible thanks to WordPress maintenance packages.

So, if you dread the move, here’s a quick guide on moving your WordPress site from one host to another without breaking into a sweat.

Have the Host Do the WordPress Migration

The first and least stressful option for migrating a WordPress site is having the host do the WordPress Migration for you. However, for this to be an option, it will depend on the hosting provider you are moving to.

Most managed WordPress hosting providers like SiteGround will offer you a plugin you can install or migrate for free. Other WordPress hosting providers will provide a DIY plugin you can use to complete your WordPress migration.

For this to happen, you must fill out the brief form available on their website. Make sure you include your current hosting details. Also, proceed to ask them to migrate your site for you. However, it is important to note that this move may take at least three days. But it will end up saving you so much stress and time. If you still aren’t sure about the hosting provider to use, ensure you do your research.

The more information you have, the easier it gets to choose the right WordPress hosting provider. 

Backup the Available Website Files

If you would instead migrate your WordPress site yourself, you must prepare for the move. This is where backing up your website files becomes necessary. But first, makes sure you know the host you’d like to switch to.

Once you know the host you want to use, proceed to back up all of your website’s files. You can back it up on your local computer. This ensures you don’t lose your hard work, especially during the move.

Also, backing up your site’s files should be a step you follow even if your new WordPress hosting provider is making the move for you. Backups are a safety measure regardless of the moving option you go for. You can conduct your site file back up in two ways: by using a plugin or using a transfer protocol.

  • Using WordPress Plugins

Compared to transfer protocols, this is the easiest method to use. All you have to do is install a data backup plugin and use its settings to manage your data backup. You can control how often you want your backups to happen and where the files should be stored on the plugin settings.

The upside of using this option is that there are over 57,000 WordPress plugins available, so you have plenty of options.

  • File Transfer Protocol

A file transfer protocol (FTP) is a tool you can use to transfer your website files from your current hosting account to your computer. All you have to do is establish a connection between your computer and the server.

Some popular file transfer protocols you can use include FileZilla for your PC and Transmit for Macs. Once you install the FTP program, you must use a secure shell file transfer protocol from your current hosting account to access the files via the server.

Once you connect to the server, select and download the files in your website directory.

What Makes WordPress Migration Necessary?

Knowing the stress and sweat of a WordPress migration, most website owners often wonder if the move is necessary. The answer is yes. Despite the risks, some of the benefits that come with a WordPress move include:

Better Value: You have plenty of hosting providers you can select from. And depending on the web hosting company you choose, you may get a better value for your money.

Better Customer Support: You may require better customer support, and the only way to improve it is by changing your hosting provider. You gain access to helpful and responsive customer support with a new hosting provider.

More Features and Resources: If you want to scale up your WordPress website, migrating to a new hosting company may be the solution.

Better Security: Your website security should be your administrator’s top priority. Migrating your site to a more secure hosting provider helps protect your visitor’s privacy and credibility.

Migrating your WordPress website isn’t an easy affair. But, the benefits that come with this move make the move worthwhile.

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