Going bra shopping can be such a drag, right? You try on various styles and sizes, and it seems like nothing quite works, even if the bras look great on the models and mannequins.

There are several factors that go into which bra will be right for you. Your decision will primarily be based on aesthetics and personal preferences, but your body type can play a part as well. 

If you like a bra that doesn’t “suit” your body shape, that’s okay! We’re just here to talk about how you can use your body type to start finding potential bras. Read on to learn more. 

Pear Shape

People with this body type tend to be “bottom-heavy.” They carry more weight and mass in their hips and legs, and they tend to have smaller breasts. 

If this is the case for you, you have options. People with smaller breasts often prefer simple bralettes rather than actual bras. They’re comfortable and affordable, and they offer enough support for small breasts.

If you’re trying to “balance yourself out,” a push-up bra or a padded bra can be effective instead. Balconette bras also give a great “lift” effect.

Apple Shape

If you have this body type, you carry most of your weight and mass in your midsection. You likely have thinner legs, narrow hips, and a larger bust. 

You want a bra that will provide a lot of lift. This will give you the appearance of having more definition in your waist.

A comfortable, supportive, and high-coverage bra like this underwire bra with removable pads could be a good option. It will support your larger breasts without making them look larger.

Banana Shape

This body type tends to be fairly “straight” up and down. Shoulders, waist, and hips will all be almost balanced. 

A halter-style bra (or bralette, if you’re not trying to add emphasis or size to your breasts) is a great option. It can lift your breasts and show off your shoulders. 

A long-line bralette is also a great choice. 


People who are hourglass-shaped tend to have thinner waists with wider (but matching) hips and shoulders. They can have any breast size, but we often think of them as having large breasts.

If you have this body shape, you want to stay proportionate. You don’t want to emphasize or de-emphasize your chest.

For those who are smaller-chested, underwire bras with no padding can be great. They’re fairly comfortable, and they won’t add any “bulk” to your chest. Alternatively, you can choose underwire-free bras with minor padding for more comfort. 

For people with larger busts, full-coverage bras tend to be the most comfortable option. They won’t add “bulk,” but they’ll be supportive. 

Which Bra Suits Your Body Type? 

So have you found this fashion advice helpful? Buying a bra that suits your body type can make a big difference, but remember, it’s not necessary. You may find a bra that “doesn’t suit you” that still looks and feels fantastic. These fashion tips just provide a starting point.

It’s time to go shopping!

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