Simply put, transgender people have different healthcare needs. Since society ostracizes them, they go through anxiety, depression and serious health conditions. The word “transgender” is an umbrella term used to identify many people’s spectrum. Such people don’t confine themselves to the gender assigned at birth. Instead, they choose to live life on their own terms. There, we will shed light on the top health concerns for transgender people:

  • Mental Health

As of now, around a 500million people globally suffer from depression. Out of this number, the majority are transgender. Since most of them are disowned by family and made fun of, their mental health issue are serious. 

Negative social attitudes towards them are the leading reason behind their worsening health conditions. After all, when loved ones and family members turn hostile, it’s hard for a person to stay happy. Therefore, they’re recommended to check with a mental health doctor every few months. 

  • Obesity

Obesity is a growing issue that strongly percolates into the transgender community. Since obesity is caused by stress. Transgender are a soft target. Obesity is chanted as being overweight. If you check stats, the majority of transgender are obese. And the rest are down with stress. This causes weight loss and substance abuse problems. 

Obesity is also caused by binge eating, which is hard to avoid during stress. So transgender must get their BMI checked every few weeks. Transgender healthcare has become an important concern for doctors, so they’re diversifying their services to the fullest. 

  • Substance and Alcohol Abuse

Stress causes an average person to slant towards alcohol and drugs. After all, stress has always shared a strong history with the two. However, growing addiction can be detrimental to physical health. Thankfully, there are rehabilitation centers that treat such issues. So transgender people need to drop in for a regular health checkup. Relying on alcohol once in a while is alright. 

However, too much binge drinking can be dangerous for health. If left untreated, the internal damage caused by drugs and alcohol can even cause death. 

  • Skin Checkup

There’s no escaping from the fact that makeup plays a strong role in the transitionary phases of transgender. A skin checkup is crucial, since too much makeup can cause skin cancer.  A dermatology checkup is crucial since it helps rest assured about skin health. 

Plus, a visit to the dermatologist is what you need to know about the best skin products. It’s a good way to let the doctor know about your skincare routine. Transgender people need to be vocal about how they feel. 


Although it sounds weird, but majority of transgender claim to have changed multiple partners in their lives. This increases their chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. So it’s best for them to get tested for HIV and STD. It’s a good way to rest assured about sexual health status. 

And if things go out of hand, doctors will start with the medication process. Thanks to the massive evolution of scientific research, almost every health condition can be cured.

By Manali

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