Gone are the days when you had to spend hours looking for the perfect gift. Of course, you can give cash to someone as a gift, but let’s face it: cash is overrated. 

With fast-paced digitisation in Australia, more and more people are going cashless. And the best way to give someone money on their birthday in a cashless, hassle-free manner is prepaid gift cards. 

The MasterCard gift card has become the ideal gift option for graduations, birthdays, and anything in-between. No matter their age or gender, this gift solution will always be a perfect choice that will satisfy them. 

However, if you’re unfamiliar with the MasterCard prepaid gift card, here’s some in-depth information you must know. 

Learn How a MasterCard Prepaid Gift Card Works!

First, you’ll have to buy the card online or from any retail store that accepts and provides prepaid gift cards. Then, you’ll pack the card with a ribbon or give it to the other person as a gift. 

Ask them to activate the card by calling the telephone number on the back of the card. Also, tell them they can activate the card in-store when making a purchase. 

That person can use this MasterCard gift card at every place, online or in-store, that accepts MasterCard Debit. 

Tip: Tell the person to keep this gift card handy for returns and add any balance to the card. 

Rising Popularity of MasterCard Prepaid Gift Cards in Australia

During 2017-2021, the value of the Australian prepaid gift card market surged to a CAGR of 9.9%. 

For the next four years of the forecast period (2022-2026), it’s estimated that the market will make a record CAGR of 10.3%. The market is expected to surge from $19.22 billion to $28.43 in just four years. 

Prepaid gift cards are gaining rapid popularity among corporate houses as a solution to employee tax-saving and promotional activity. 

Plus, prepaid gift cards are more popular among millennials. This trend has led MasterCard to target a broad audience base with their prepaid gift card solution. 

Now, anyone can go to any eCommerce gift card store in Australia that offers gift cards from MasterCard. However, the Australian prepaid market is one of the most competitive. 

Despite the rising numbers of FinTech startups in Australia trying to cope with the intense competition, they were behind the line from big giants like MasterCard.

However, this competition benefits Australian shoppers in the end as they witness product innovation and see new product launches frequently. 

Explore the Benefits of Gifting a MasterCard Gift Card!

  • With a prepaid gift card from MasterCard, you won’t be stressed while choosing the right gift for any special occasion. 
  • You simply recharge or load the card with money and give it to the recipient. They will decide what to buy later. 
  • You can quickly and seamlessly purchase gift cards, pack them with a beautiful wrapper, and send them to your loved ones via mail. It works best when you are gifting this card to someone who lives far away.  
  • The card recipient does not need to rush to use the gift card. The expiration date of a MasterCard gift card is nine years from the date of purchase, which they can see on the front. 
  • Also, if your card expires while it has some money, you can request a replacement gift card to access the funds. 

Ending Note 

Hopefully, you don’t need to worry anymore about picking the right gift card with MasterCard by your side!

By Manali

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