The life of a digital nomad appeals to many. It’s a chance to see the world while making money and continuing your career. Whether you run an online business, work as a freelancer, or work remotely as an employee, if you’ve got no other responsibilities at home, life as a digital nomad is a great way to see more of the world without having to make any career sacrifices. The experience can even help you to advance your career and find exciting new opportunities. But if you are about to start your digital nomad journey, you’ll find that packing isn’t quite like packing for a vacation that you’ll be back from in a week or so. Here’s a look at some of the essentials that all digital nomads need to pack. 

A Travel Laptop

On a short vacation, we can usually do everything that we need to on our smartphones. You can probably even do some work on your smartphone. But if you are going to be working on the road full-time, from different locations all over the world, you are going to need a good travel laptop

Make sure the laptop that you choose is lightweight, sturdy, and fast, and that it fits easily into your bag.

Noise-canceling Headphones

Sometimes, you’ll be in peaceful locations that are perfect for getting some work done. It will be easy to focus, you’ll feel motivated and inspired, and work will be easy. Unfortunately, a lot of the time, you’ll be surrounded by tourists, sharing rooms, trying to work in busy airports or cafes, and finding it very hard to concentrate. Noise-canceling headphones can help you to block out your surroundings and focus on what you need to do. 

Travel Adaptor

If you plan to travel around the world, you’ll need a worldwide adaptor, so that you can charge your laptop and smartphone wherever you are. A USB multi-plug can also be incredibly useful. 

Wi-Fi Extender

Most hotels and apartments around the world now offer complimentary wi-fi. But it’s not always very good, especially in quieter areas away from communal spaces. Taking an extender or booster means that you’ll have a great signal further away from the router. 

Cloud Storage

Using cloud storage like Dropbox means that your files are safe, even if you lose your laptop or smartphone. It also means that it’s easy to access files on different devices and to share files with people back home or clients in other areas of the world. For extra safety, you might also want to invest in an external hard drive. 

Laptop Cleaning Clothes

How often do you get home from vacation and find that you are still finding sand in your clothes and shoes weeks later? The last thing that you want is sand or sunscreen grease damaging your screens. Carry cleaning cloths everywhere you go. 

Digital Nomad Insurance

Before you leave, make sure your laptop, smartphone, and any other expensive tools are fully insured, and that the insurance covers incidents in different countries. 

Modern technology means that life as a digital nomad is easier and more accessible than ever before. If this is your first time working in this way, pack carefully, and try to enjoy yourself. 

By Manali

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