Business managers need to wear many masks because there are many different components to take care of. Some tasks take priority over others, which may lead to slight oversights. For example, upgrading displays and signage may feel more important than maintaining the car park. However, if a car park is left without care, visitors are more likely to have accidents that you’ll be liable for. To understand why car park maintenance should never be missed, continue reading. 

Visitor Safety

Having proper health and safety measures in place is vital for all businesses, and the process begins in the car park. After all, it is the first impression they’ll have. Cracks in a car park’s surface can cause flat tyres, which is undeniably unsafe. Additionally, debris will likely scratch cars when there’s built-up dirt on the floor, and you may need to pay for the damage. Finally, car parks must have appropriate drainage because deep puddles are a hazard and large puddles will reduce parking spaces. 

Encourage Business Growth

Growing your business will mean having the capacity for more customers and employees in your car park. If there are no clear bay lines, people won’t know where to park and overcrowding will happen, which is counterintuitive. Therefore, you should make sure that there are clear road and car park markings across your entire premises, which will help dictate the flow of traffic and will let you add a couple of additional spaces. 

First Impressions

Your car park is designed to allow visitors to your business to store their cars, but its functions stretch far beyond that. Your business’s car park will be the first part of your business that visitors see, and they will make immediate judgements based on its quality. Keeping the car park well-maintained and clean will show customers that you care, and they’re more likely to have an overall positive experience. 

Comply with Regulations

There are many different car park safety regulations in the UK. For example, they need to be well-lit, non-slip, level, drained well and in close proximity to the destination. As well as this, although dedicated disabled parking bays aren’t required by the Equality Act 2010, it’s indicated that there must be a suitable number of bays close to the store and that they need policing in some way. Regular maintenance and consideration for all of your visitors will ensure you always remain compliant. 

Mitigate Liability

The majority of car parks will have signing to tell users that liability for theft or damage doesn’t lie with the business. However, if lack of maintenance is the reason for causing damage to a vehicle, you’ll be liable and will likely face a lawsuit. The best action you can take is to ensure that regular maintenance is carried out and recorded. 

Car parks need to look visually pleasing and adhere to safety regulations. Carrying out regular maintenance and keeping accurate records will help keep visitors safe, reduce unnecessary damage, and increase revenue. 

By Manali

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