Chicken farms are growing in numbers everywhere in the world. Most people are now interested in growing poultry because it is one of the highest demands in terms of meat and eggs in the market. Chicken eggs of all kinds are free-range eggs, country eggs or regular chicken eggs, they are always in great demand in the market across the world. 

Chicken meat is the most favored type of meat and therefore, breeders love poultry for the high-yielding business. Chicken must be fed healthy and nutritious chicken grubs in order for them to produce healthy and nutritious eggs and meat. 

If the chickens have any disease or are malnutrition, they soon fall sick and are unable to produce good quality eggs and have low-quality meat. This is why focussing on the right nutrition for the chicks and chicken is extremely important for breeders. 

What are Chicken Grubs?

Chicken grubs are pre-packed food for chickens that consists of nutritious and healthy feed planned by the best dieticians in the world. Chicken grubs are manufactured after much research that goes into developing the best kind of feed for chickens. 

With the right food, the chickens need no supplements and additives in their diet to make them plumper and healthier. They also lay eggs in good numbers when they consume nutritious food. This makes for an excellent plan for the breeders as they can grow a good number of chicks, eggs and meat. 

When it comes to nutrition for chicken, there are some essential nutrients that one has to keep in mind:

  1. Calcium

Calcium is extremely important for egg-laying hens. The quality of the egg and the egg shell completely depends on the calcium that the chicken consumes. Only if it is sufficient and above calcium content, in the feed the egg quality can be superior to competitors.

  1. Protein

A good amount of protein needs to be fed to the chickens so that they have a healthy weight and muscle and have good nutritious meat. Low protein in chickens has very less meat and has practically no nutrition in them. They are also essential for the good quality yolk in the eggs. 

  1. Good Fats

Good fats are essential to make for good quality meat and good quality egg yolks. Good fats must be added to the feed so that the chickens put on healthy weight and have good muscle tone so that the meat is fresh and juicy and the egg yolk is full of nutrition. 

  1. Phosphorus

Phosphorus is an essential mineral that helps the chickens to have good immunity, better muscle tone and good quality eggs in general. These cannot be achieved with a regular diet, and therefore, a chicken grub that has added phosphorus is essential.

  1. Fiber

Fiber is essential for the chickens to have a good bodily function and to have better immunity in general. Chicken grubs that have all these components are superior to mealworms that are usually provided by most breeders. 

Chicken grubs are made from BSF larvae that are organically grown on fresh vegetable and fruit wastes. They are collected when they achieve good sizes and full growth and then oven-fried to make high-quality, nutritious chicken feed. Good quality feed is key to the overall benefit of the chickens on the farm and for the growth of chicks and better production of eggs and meat. 

By Manali

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