Before playing fantasy cricket game, first and foremost it is important to know what fantasy cricket really is. The cricket fantasy league is an online game platform where you create a virtual cricket team with 11 players from an upcoming real-life match.

And what’s more! If you are a cricket buff and want to play an online cricket match, then hurry up and head over to AIO GAMES fantasy cricket app, which is one of the best and biggest platforms for every fantasy cricket lover.

Playing cricket fantasy league is quite simple and your main focus should be scoring as much as possible. Achieve a score as high as possible albeit in real life and beat your opponents to win HUGE rewards. And if you are a beginner & you need to avoid major mistakes whilst creating your team, head below to read upon the 5 biggest blunders to avoid whilst creating your fantasy cricket team online.

Which types of cricket leagues you can play on the AIO GAMES fantasy cricket app?

Besides the ongoing Indian T20 league there are other tournaments, series, etc. too taking places that include countries such as Australia, Pakistan, England, and New Zealand. Following are the other world-renowned cricket leagues that feature the world’s best players:

  1. Indian T20 League
  2. Big Bash League
  3. Abu Dhabi T10 league
  4. T20 Blast Cricket
  5. Pakistan T20 League
  6. European Cricket League
  7. T20 World Cup
  8. T20 Challenge
  9. Momentum One Day Cup
  10. Super Smash League
  11. Women’s Big Bash League

These are the Cricket fantasy league which you find on AIO Games Fantasy cricket app, but before playing cricket game you need to avoid 5 biggest blunders, slide down to know-

5 biggest blunders that every player need to avoid-

  1. Playing for money

Some people play only for money, and they make a concept when they play the game and win, it’s all down to their efforts.

But little do they forget that Cricket fantasy leagues are for entertainment purposes only, and people can enjoy the winning moment along with the winning amount.

Players should avoid the fact of playing only for money idea and enjoy the fact that cricket fantasy leagues provide entertainment and fun elements.

2.  Overpaying mediocre players-

Players need to avoid selecting mediocre players because by doing so you miss out on selecting highly talented cricketers for your team and in turn decrease your chance of winning high cash prize.

3.  No investment plans

As we all know confidence is good, but it should be limited according to your knowledge. If you win every match, it will make you overconfident, and many players sometimes commit a blunder when they win continuously 2-3 matches, so for those people, you need to make a plan every time this will not work.

In case you pick a huge amount, and by bad luck, you end up losing that match, and then your all-winning prices down the drain. You need to make an investment plan before playing the game, always play a match with a small amount.

  • Select favourite players

We all have favourite cricket players, but in this fantasy cricket game, it does not work so far, always decide players according to their performances and who plays well, it takes you close to the winning price.

  • Playing every match

As mentioned above, you can only win huge cash prize if you play! But make sure you try to avoid playing all games because sometimes there may be a chance that you might not win all the time, so there is a chance you might also lose your money. So, try to play a game with a low amount and full knowledge, and if you are a beginner, don’t try all the matches.

Fantasy Cricket is one of the most revered sports that is taking a boom in India. Its popularity has sky-rocketed massively and with so many applications in the market, one has to make a difficult decision to pick and choose his/her favourite app for playing fantasy cricket.

AIO Games delivers the maximum UI experience for a fantasy cricket fanatic and also makes sure he/she gets full satisfaction.

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