If you’re getting ready to sell your home, or if you’re looking at buying a home to renovate and sell, then you’re going to want to know what the current trends and desires are that buyers look for in a home. Here are a few top picks for things buyers want, and how you can easily achieve them.

A Touch of the Country Lifestyle

Home buyers love to feel an emotional connection to a home when they walk into it, and that emotion might come from many different places. Particularly for suburban and city living, many people yearn for the feeling of the country lifestyle, and the home should reflect some of this feeling in subtle ways. 

There are some clever and cost-effective ways to appeal to this emotion, like a polished hardwood floor or a wood-burning fireplace that provides the wonderful smells of burning wood, embracing warmth and a touch of luxury. Sites like stonewoods.co.uk offer inspiration for adding that touch of country luxury that only a wood-burning fireplace can bring.

Energy Efficiency

We’re all getting more eco-conscious right now, and that applies to potential buyers of your home. They look for additional energy-efficient features like energy-efficient windows that have two or three glass panes and inert gas between them to better prevent heat gain and loss and save on heating and cooling bills. Appliances that use less water and electricity are also popular, so if you have built-in appliances that are included in the sale, make sure they are energy efficient. Investing in energy-efficient appliances not only appeals to environmentally conscious buyers but also contributes to lower utility costs for the new homeowners. Additionally, maintaining and servicing these efficient appliances through regular check-ups and professional repairs ensures their continued efficiency and longevity.

Have a look around your home for ways you can incorporate the latest technology and ways of making the home more energy efficient. For the ultimate in energy-efficient home tech, solar power is also high up on what home buyers look for in a new property too.


More and more often we’re seeing demands for better security from home buyers. Particularly with the rise of smart home technology that makes adding this security useful for more than just security. Smart doorbells and cameras are high on the list of desirables, so including these in a home for sale is a cost-effective way of increasing buyer interest. 

Storage Space

It’s not just cupboards and wardrobes that home buyers look for in a home. They want clever, space-efficient storage too for all the things they don’t use all the time, but still need to have. You might find this storage under a staircase or in the garage against the back wall. Wherever you choose to add it, it should be functional and add a greater level of storage to the home. For the ultimate in extra storage, a loft conversion or attic space is at the top of many people’s desires for additional storage spaces and may well be worth considering.

When it comes time to sell a home, making changes to increase the buyer’s interest in the property and the value that it can be sold for is a juggling act. Understanding your buyer and the market in your area is important.

By Manali

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