With the tremendous advancement of electronic devices in the medical field, the growth of the medical domain has been revolutionary. According to the World Health Organization, there are over 2 million engineered devices categorized into more than 7000 generic device groups used in the medical field globally. 

Engineered components have undoubtedly earned the status of being indispensable in the medical field. These components are widely used in everyday medical operations like bandaging a sprained wrist, diagnosing life-threatening diseases, and implanting artificial stents in heart surgeries. The use of such components extends to various professions in the medical field, like healthcare professionals, paramedical staff, dentists, opticians, clinicians, etc. 

Such medical components are extensively used to diagnose acute and chronic illnesses, monitor and supervise treatments, assist physically disabled people, etc. If you search for detailed information on various electronic components used in the medical field, you have landed on the right page! 

Here is a list of various engineering components used in the medical field. 

Blood-Glucose Monitoring Device 

Blood-glucose monitoring device is one of the most efficient engineered components used in the medical field. According to recent surveys, about 537 million adults have diabetes worldwide. In the coming years, the figures are expected to increase by 643 million by the end of 2030 and 783 million by the end of 2045. 

This device is used to keep a check on the glucose levels of diabetic patients. Patients are required to place a drop of their blood on the chemical strip provided. The chemical strip is equipped with sensors to analyze the various chemical contents present in the blood. Within a few seconds, the calculated glucose levels of the patient are displayed on the LED screen of the device. 

Brain Wave Machine 

This electrical instrument is used to the electrical activity of a patient’s brain using Electroencephalography. This technology fires up the neurons in the brain, retrieves data from the electrodes placed on a person’s scalp, and displays the activity on a digital screen. 

Brain Wave Machine is used to diagnose and treat brain-related disorders like sleeping disorders, brain death, mental instability and mental issues. 

Cardiac Monitor 

Electronic Cardiac monitors (ECG) are widely used in the medical field to monitor and record the electrical and pressure waveforms of a person’s cardiovascular system. The ECG device works on the concept of attaching particular electrodes to various body parts of a person. These electrodes are then utilized to retrieve the cardiac system’s ECG waveform and irregular activity. 

Electronic Cardiac Monitors are used massively in medical treatments, especially during time-consuming surgeries. 


Defibrillators are electronic devices that are extensively used in the medical field. These devices transmit an electric pulse or shock to the cardiac system to restore a person’s normal heartbeat. These devices are also used to alter or correct the disorder of arrhythmia- uneven heartbeat, which is either too slow or too fast.

The working principle of a defibrillator is that when an electric shock pulse is transmitted to the cardiac system, the heart muscles start the process of depolarization. This process aids in regenerating the normal rhythmic conduction of the heartbeat. Defibrillators come in various forms, including implanted, transvenous, and external defibrillators. 


Electrical devices and engineered components have substantially influenced delivering advanced-level surgical operations, addressing emergencies, and improving the population’s overall health globally. These devices are widely used in the medical field in the form of implants, apparatus, appliances, in-vitro uses, software, and many more. Having in-depth knowledge of such components is crucial to ensure that the correct instruments are used in an emergency for a loved one. 

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