If you drive along any major highway or a busy road in a metropolitan area, you are likely to witness numerous sky-high buildings that will soon lose count of. All of the amazing infrastructure and architectural landmarks we are surrounded by in our daily lives are the products of professionals in the AEC industry. The AEC industry stands for the multidisciplinary companies dealing in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. AEC companies essentially have architects, engineers, and professionals experienced in construction, and this approach allows such companies to take over turnkey projects, all from their design to execution.

While AEC companies are experts at all things infrastructure, they often tend to shy away from spending time and effort on their digital marketing strategy thinking that it isn’t probably their forte. However, digital marketing is as essential for AEC companies as it is for any other industry as prospective clients rely on referrals and digital presence while shortlisting prospective AEC companies to work with. Given below are five tips for enhancing their digital marketing strategy for AEC companies:

  1. Understand which channels you should focus on

While a comprehensive digital marketing strategy should focus on all social media channels, you need to understand that not all social media channels are relevant to your firm. Platforms such as Linkedin are where the majority of your clientele is likely to come from and hence this is where most of your focus should be directed. Engage in relevant industry groups, post helpful construction and infrastructure-related content and partake in relevant discussions.

In addition to Linkedin, you can also direct your focus toward platforms such as TikTok and Snapchat if your firm is involved in building luxury estates and modern architectural forms.

  1. Leverage the power of SEO

Digital marketing strategy for AEC companies should encompass much more than social media efforts. An integral component of your digital strategy should be to direct efforts towards SEO to rise above your competition. Since most of your prospective clients are likely to search for AEC companies through search engines, your SEO efforts are likely to help them land them on your website.

Conduct keyword research to find the aptest keywords for your firm, create optimized landing pages, focus on link building, make your website mobile-friendly, create unique content, and optimize URLs to make it easier for search engine crawlers to index them.

  1. Know that content is king

When it comes to digital marketing, you should be fully aware of the significance of content and its importance in your marketing endeavors. Your digital platforms should be content-heavy – whether this content is in the form of self-help or advice for relevant clientele, information about your services, or your stance on crucial industry debates.

Your web pages and social media should regularly feature blog posts that can be beneficial for your target audience. Any service – pre, post, or during the project – that you offer should be discussed in detail on your web pages even if it is something as simple as garage door repairs. Your presence should be known on important industry forums and discussion pages. 


Digital marketing is important for firms in all industries irrespective of the nuances of their work. Companies in the AEC industry, in particular, need to improve their digital marketing strategies and look beyond traditional approaches.

By Manali

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