A mesh screen is an interesting prospect. I might seem a little silly to you, but when you think about the effects that a magnetic mesh screen door can have on your home are pretty profound. Let me paint you a picture. You’ve had a long week at work. You’ve had the kind of week where when you get up and you realize it’s only Wednesday, you just groan. You’ve had one of those crushing weeks. Where you’ve had to deal with about 30 crises, none of which are your fault, but all of which is your job to solve. So when the weekend finally rolls around suffice it to say. You’re pretty excited. But it’s not just any weekend. It’s your son’s birthday weekend. He’s turning twelve this year, and you are just stunned at how the time’s flown by. He’s such a great kid. He’s quiet and thoughtful and when he gets into trouble you’re the first person he’ll come to. Life’s been a little hard for him lately, so you want this birthday barbeque to be one of the best birthdays of his life. You got all his favorite foods. You’ve invited all of his friends, heck you even called their parents just to make sure they’d rsvp. Nothing’s gonna go wrong today. Not for your special guy. And Miraculously nothing does! It’s a perfect day. Everything you wanted for your son worked out. All of his friends came. He got all of the gifts he wanted, and he has a smile as wide as the state of Texas on his face. It’s special, to say the least. But for you, the most special moment hadn’t even occurred yet. No, that moment came while moving a couple of cases of soda out to the cooler. You overhear your son talking with his friends. They all tell him what a great time they’re having. And one of them says, “Your Dad’s the coolest!” And as if that already didn’t put a spring in your step, you hear your son reply. “Yeah, he really is.” Just hearing that made everything worth it. Sometimes it can be so hard to know if you’re doing well as a parent, and as your kids get older they start to show that outward affection less and less. But today, you heard it straight from the kid’s mouth. You’re the coolest. And that made everything worthwhile. Now, you may think this is overdramatic to relate all of this to a magnetic mesh screen door. But what you’re forgetting, is that the screen door is what facilitated that interaction. These are the terms we are talking about when we talk about real life, and as wacky as it may be to some of our readers. A screen door is a part of that. When we change any aspect of something as important as our home, we are changing our real lives. And this is not a decision to be taken likely. That’s why I’ve created this magnificent guide, on two key factors of installing a screen door, that I feel are not talked about! 

A Barrier For Bugs

When it hits Summertime, I have one key thought in mind. I want to stay cool, but I don’t want to open my home to insane levels of infestation. It seems like some days every time I open the door, a mosquito or a moth makes themselves at home. But I will have them in my humble abode no longer! So what can I do? Well, to answer my question, a magnetic mesh screen door is what I can do. A screen door allows me to have my door open for as long as I want without the fear of letting a single fly, or beetle inside my home. My home is my sanctuary, my home is my monastery, and I intend to keep it that way. 

Cool Down, Your Electricity Bill

Did you know that having a screen door can be beneficial to your cooling and heating bills? Now if you want to cool down on those not-too-hot days you don’t have to turn on the air conditioning! It’s perfect for those people who love to feel the breeze, but simply can’t afford to keep running their AC!

Making any modification to your home is a big decision. When you think about installing a magnetic mesh screen door there are a million thoughts running through your head. Where should I install it? Will this be cost-efficient? Is this the right call? And all I can say is yes. Yes, it is cost-efficient. Yes, this is the right call. And if you have any more moments of hesitation. Then I implore you to take another pass at this amazing guide. On some of the biggest key factors, you should consider before installing a screen door in your home!

By Manali

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