Cybersport is a competition in various video games. Unlike traditional sports, this special kind of sports activity allows players to train their physical and mental abilities. Gamers usually join teams and compete for prize money. The winnings often reach several thousand dollars. As for the annual income, it can exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars and is usually made up of:

  1. Sponsorships;
  2. Prize winnings;
  3. Competition prize pools, etc.

If you want to know in more detail how much gamers earn, read this article to the end, and you will surely find out how the income of those interested in cybersport games is formed.

Income Structure of Cybersportsmen 

Growth in gamer salaries has been observed in the last decade in different countries of the world. Thus, for example, if initially, players received about $ 100 a month, today they receive $ 2,000 or even more for the same period. According to the latest cybersport news, the total income of a professional gamer is formed from several sources.

Salary for Participation in the Club and Following the Agreement

By signing the contract, the cyber sportsman agrees to train under the guidance of the team’s coach, as well as to take part in competitions under the auspices of the club. For this, during the entire term of the contract, the cyber sportsman receives a regular salary. The last esport news indicates that it is usually in the range of $1,000 – $5,000 per month.

Prize Fund from Participation in Tournaments

Being part of a professional team, the gamer receives part of the funds for successful performances in tournaments. The amount of money that a gamer receives depends on the team’s place in the standings. The prize fund can reach from several thousand to several million dollars. A striking example, in this case, is the OG team, which won the main prize at The International 2019. The esport news reported that each member of the team received approximately $3,000,000.

Profit from Streamer Activities

Of course, income from streams cannot be compared with those that players receive by working in a club under a contract, for participating in prize tournaments, etc., but still, famous cyber sportsmen receive several thousand dollars from this.

Profit from Advertising Contracts

Over the past few years, famous companies have increasingly attracted gamers to shoot commercials. Profit from such activities usually reaches several tens of thousands of dollars.

Other Sources of Income for Cybersportsmen

Professional gamers have many opportunities for additional income. Thus, for example, they can become analysts or start commenting. These are quite profitable activities, as interest in this sport is constantly growing. Working as a commentator or analyst, you can receive a few thousand dollars.


Therefore, we have described the income structure of modern cyber sportsmen. As you can see, everything depends on the activity of the gamer, participation in the team, taking part in competitions, etc. But in general, professional gamer salaries are high, ranging between $19,910 to $187,200. If you’re interested in esport and would like to receive more up-to-date international esport news, visit the esport news website and be the first to know about all events!

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