No one in the world dislikes linen, especially during the summer days. It has a big pool of benefits for everyone who uses it. It is elegant, beautiful, breathable, and more. It is also one of the most sustainable materials like cotton.

Linen fabric is a fabric that is naturally derived from flax. Its usage has been recorded for a long time in history. In the past, linen was often used as a lightweight fabric for tapestry. Now, it is used for making various clothing accessories like tablecloths, napkins, bed linen, and linen suits.

Talking about suits. What is so good about suits made from linen fabric, and why are they widely worn? You will know the answer to this question after you read their benefits.

Highly durable

Linen is one of the most potent natural fibres. The specialty of linen is that it gets stronger after washing. It was so strong that in ancient times, it was even used as a material for making currency. This implies that linen suits can see many summers to come.

Natural fibre

As you already know, linen is a natural fibre. It is sourced from the stalks of the flax plants. All the parts of flax plants can be used for different purposes. In recent times, flax seeds and flax oils’ presence are increasing in the industry.

Flax plants are resilient species that can withstand poor soil with less or no fertilisers. Also, the production of linen is less water-intensive making it very much environmentally friendly. It is also biodegradable.

Easy to maintain

Linen suits do not need any special treatment. There is no restriction to machine washing it. However, use cold water to increase its shelf life for years, and do not go for harsh chemicals just like you do for the other fabrics.

Highly absorbent

Linen material features exceptional absorbent properties, making it the all-time favourite in summer. In addition, the material is known for being hollow and allowing more airflow than any other material.

Thus, even in hot and dry conditions, you can be free without feeling damp to the touch. This is one of the most relevant reasons why linen suits are famous and have a vast market.

Insect repelling

It is a widespread problem suffered by all with their wardrobe. During warm weather, insects are prone to settle in the closet and taste you when you wear it. Could you believe some materials can be naturally insect repellant? Linens are! You do not have to deal with moths and insects if you have linen suits in your wardrobe.


Linen is considered to be the most luxurious fabric because of the lengthy and natural process associated with its making. First, the flax plants are carefully removed from the ground without damaging their stem and roots. Then, they are left open in the field to become soft and easy to separate.

The collected materials are rolled and stored for three to four months for more softening. Then, the fabric is rolled and twisted with a unique spinning technology to produce the material. This makes its extraction process tedious and time-consuming, and the lengthy process makes it costlier than the cotton material.

In Conclusion

Many textile businesses use linen fabrics to make beautiful garments to tap the ever-growing market. Exclusive lines of linen garments and dresses are manufactured for those who want to spend this summer most comfortably.

By Manali

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