Hosting a themed dinner party is a fun and exciting way to thrill your guests, serving them different cuisines and flavours from around the world. If you go all out and dress your table in the theme, you can feel transported to a different country for an evening filled with laughs and memories. Here are a few themed menu ideas for your next dinner party.

An Indian-Inspired Menu

Indian food is full of fragrant and rich flavours, with heat that can be catered to anyone’s taste. An Indian menu can have great variety and it’s one of the most loved cuisines in Britain, with everyone having their favourites. There are options for all courses and preferences, and even for those with dietary requirements.

The most difficult part of an Indian-inspired menu is the prep and cooking time because excellent curries need to cook for many hours for a soft, tender protein. Of course, there’s always the option to fib a bit and leave it up to the professionals. If you’re in the South West of England, why not order from this amazing Indian takeaway in Bristol instead of spending hours in the kitchen?

A Classic Italian Feast

Italian food is adored the world over for its comforting, homestyle meals that offer enormous variety and depth of flavour. Whether it’s a western take on the Italian pizza or a traditional lasagne, there are also dishes to suit every palate. For the chef, there are dishes to suit all skill levels and time constraints. It makes for a fantastic option if you’re looking for something laid-back because you can cook and serve your Italian feast family-style, in large serving dishes that everyone can help themselves to.

A Touch of Fine Dining

Take your dinner guests on a trip to France with a fine dining experience. Spend some time and effort dressing your plates to impress and wow your guests with your culinary skills. Traditional starters like a selection of canapes or a delicate cheese souffle will delight when followed by a hearty French onion soup or chicken confit. It might be more work for you in the kitchen, but your guests will love every bite of your fine dining menu.

Around the World

Instead of focusing on one specific cuisine, why not create a menu with dishes inspired by different regions? An international cuisine food menu paired with wines or liqueurs from the same region as the dish will create a fun and imaginative dinner party. You could even encourage your guests to dress with some international inspiration and colours. For the menu, take each course from a different country, region or cuisine style. Picture a colourful and authentic Greek-inspired mezze platter as hors d’oeuvre, followed by a Chinese miso soup for starters and a hearty Indian Rogan Josh curry for mains.

You can pick a specific type of cuisine, or you can let your guests experience a different cuisine from every course. The choice is yours and you’re free to be as creative as you want to be for your dinner party. Bon appétit!

By Manali

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